Radio Show

Welcome to All Will Stand!



Articles will continue to be posted at, as the Lord leads.  However, the Lord has called us to preach, for now via radio.  In doing so we have spent a great deal of time since June going over the ills of our nation, as well as exhorting and correcting much of the false doctrine that is contiously propagated through the patriot movement in the United States.  While patriots claim to hold to ‘God and guns’, we point out many false doctrines taught in that movement, as well as how far off of the truth of God they are regarding Salvation, the end times and other topics that the patriot movement teaches.



Yet our world is full of people who understand the English language and what is of the most importance is that they hear the truth regarding the Holy Scriptures, someone who will actually preach what the Word says, not what they want to pretend it says, without shying away from anything that God has told us through His Word.  We now turn to the world, from coast to coast, all who will listen, all who seek to know the Truth that is found in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, by walking through books of the Bible or portions of the Holy Scriptures.  From time to time we will still cover topics that become pertinent to the world we live in, but only as the Lord leads.



In reality the Lord has led me to begin with the book of Psalms and on Wednesday the 13th of September, we begin that project.  Really it is quite simple of a task, but one that unfortunately is rare in the day and age of which we live where both the preacher does not speak according to what God truly says, as well as the fact the people like to have it that way.  For those who are seeking God’s truth, the wisdom that is found in the Holy Scriptures, you can listen in to the radio show.