Upcoming Radio Shows & Articles

My pause regarding ministry work via All Will Stand is now over.  Beginning December 1st, via Podomatic (see the Radio Show page) there will be new weekly podcasts and possibly the shortwave shows will also be posted.  All Will Stand has moved away from BlogTalkRadio and using the new platform.


Others in the ministry of the Great Comission have suggested that social media is used.  Unfortunately Facebook has banned me from having an account forever and via Brandon (the other person who works on this ministry) Facebook will no longer allow links to this website to be posted. 


Originally All Will Stand had a Twitter account, but it became ‘shadow-banned’.  With Elon Musk buying Twitter, once again this will be tried in the near future to see if perhaps it might be an effective way to reach people for Jesus Christ. 


There will also be a resumption of articles posted as the Lord leads.  Looking forward to preaching the Gospel, teaching the Bible and discussing with the new Watching & Ready podcast, how our world is clearly heading in a direction that the Bible prophesied would come.


In Christ,