The hope of Elon Musk being able to undo some of the nonsense censorship has now faded.  All Will Stand had a Twitter & Facebook social media account.  Both accounts got closed in late 2020, due to what appeared to be censorship.  There was solid evidence that All Will Stand was shadow-banned on Twitter and with myself being in disagreement with the censoring of Facebook, that account was closed as well.


Recently the decision was made to once again try and provide All Will Stand material to reach more people via both Twitter and Facebook.  The Facebook account was banned within 5 minutes and after an appeal the decision was upheld, despite NEVER publishing, liking, typing, uploading, etc., one thing.  Likewise the Twitter account was setup and NEVER used at all for anything, no content.  Today I went to place the most recent article link up on Twitter and I see that All Will Stand is also now permanently banned, despite no reason for a ban, as it was never once used.


Nonetheless, the matter of who and how to reach people via the ministry material is in God’s hands, His timing and I will leave it to Him. 

Facebook Suspension Twitter Suspension