On-Air Questions

All Will Stand’s radio show proclaims God’s Word and points listeners to Salvation through Jesus Christ.  Each show is unique and questions will be answered as they are received.  Please see the Schedule page for the current radio show schedule.


Understandably we live in a ‘dark’ era where the Truth from God’s Word is often watered-down or simply not told.  All Will Stand simply proclaims what the Holy Scriptures states about questions that are presented, there is no watering down, simply ‘thus saith the Lord’.  For those who are truly interested in knowing what the Bible says about this or that, you may submit a question.  All Will Stand will try for all real questions to be answered, please note that in some cases the question may be answered via email, rather than on-air, due to the personal nature of the question or a similar reason. 


To submit a question please email the following: tim@allwillstand.org

Please note: No email with ANY attachment will be opened.  Please DO NOT send any attachment.


Do you have questions that you are looking for an answer from the Word of God right now?  This link is highly recommended and covers a wide array of topics.

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