This information, which is incredibly valuable to those who have been Left Behind, are selections from A Voice in the Wilderness ministry’s website.  That website ceased to function in May of 2023.  With the nature of the ministry and the well thought out design, it is not feasible to post everything that is interlinked, as the ministry was designed to allow the viewer to dig as deep as they were willing to go to find out the full doctrinal understanding on virtually any subject. 

If (the backup website) is still up, you might very well be able to download a CD of the website, of which it contains priceless infomation for the seeker.  However, All Will Stand’s ministry also contains enough information for this time period for the seeker to be able to safely make it to Heaven and be with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Not all of the links will work in these articles placed below, but nonetheless, as they are still an advantage to the reader, selections have been added to aid those who will be seeking answers during that time.