The Majority

“You shall not follow the majority in doing evil;”  Exodus 23:2a


There is a movement in this country of a split majority, a vast political movement that is essentially forcing Americans to choose their sides in such a divided country.  This division has the appearance of doing good verses doing evil.  Such an idea, one of huge potential consequences has caused a time in history that is very seldom seen.


I’ve studied a decent amount of history, particularly of the 20th century, including having read numerous books on Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao and even Pol Pot.  I’ve also read many books on the Great War, World War II, the Great Depression, as well as books explaining the dynamics of this country from the behind the scenes handlers, the same people who can be pointed to having also funded Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao and been responsible for numerous other disasters, all funded by a  handful of evil men.  Yet knowing these things are nothing in comparison to the importance of God’s Word, the Bible.


I’ve been a student of the Bible and loved God’s Word after I got Saved at the age of 9.  The Bible not only teaches us about God, but also how we are supposed to live as Christians, being followers of Jesus Christ.  The Bible tells us the future, the coming “time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7), as well as the coming Great White Throne judgment, where everyone who has not repented and believed into Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, whose names are not written in the Book of Life, will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all of eternity.  Now what is the majority?  Is the majority of mankind Saved or lost?  The Bible clearly states to not follow the majority in doing evil.  What I am going to suggest in this article is that the majority on BOTH SIDES of the political aisle are following evil AND interject the potential for a serious deception of biblical proportions, by looking at what is going on in this nation (and the world) through the lens of the Bible.


“And the devil, who led them astray, was cast into the Lake of Fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.  And I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away. And there was found no place for them.  And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God. And books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, out of the things which were written in the books.  And the sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one, according to their works.  And Death and Hades were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death.  And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.”  Revelation 20:10-15


First let’s take a look at what is going on through the lens of the world, through both the mainstream and alternative media, through both the eyes of both sides of the political aisles.  Then let’s shine the Word of God upon these things, something those who implore us with their theories and political synopsis are not able to do because they are blind and deaf, not able to see or hear the things of God. 


“They have not known nor understood; for He has shut their eyes so that they cannot see; and their hearts so that they cannot understand.”  Isaiah 44:18


“And the disciples came and said to Him, Why do You speak to them in parables?  He answered and said to them, Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given.  For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.  Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.  And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says: Hearing you will hear and shall not at all understand, and seeing you will see and by no means perceive;”  Matthew 13:10-14


Also, a question should be asked, a pondering as to whether or not the beginning of this prophetic statement of a great delusion being sent by God is already started???


“The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who are perishing, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  2nd Thessalonians 2:9-12


Starting with the left side of things, the Democratic party that often has voters from socialist, communists and other far fringes of society, let’s take a look at some of their problems with our current political state, what they believe should be achieved and why President Trump should be impeached immediately.


Coming from a conservative side of the political spectrum, though I would first and foremost proclaim that my primary citizenship is in Heaven (Phil. 3:20), so I would hold to the Bible as my standard for everything and for the Constitution for a worldly government standpoint, where it does not contradict with God’s Word (Ac. 5:29).  I suppose that would make me an ultra conservative, or perhaps my viewpoints couldn’t be completely categorized. 


President Trump is incredibly popular among the right political spectrum, which is full of evangelicals.  The left have constantly pushed down our throats all sort of things and they continue to do so.


Most on the left believe that abortion (murder in God’s eyes (Ex. 20:13, Jer. 1:5, Ps. 22:10, etc.)), is a right of a woman.  Many on the left believe that babies should be able to be aborted even up to having been born, with the umbilical cord still present, take New York state for example.  Most on the left and right believe that gay marriage, which is contrary to the Bible (Lev. 20:13, 1 Cor. 6:9, Ro. 1:26) is acceptable, right or even a great thing.  Most on the left believe that so-called transgenders should be acceptable in society and special laws, rules and regulation allowing these men or women (however they were born) (Gen. 5:2, Mk. 10:6) should be given in regards to these people.  The vast majority of the right are appalled by men using the women’s restrooms, men in women’s locker rooms, sports, in the military, etc.  There are a lot of similarities between the majority in both parties, but one party (the left side of things) take these things to a further extreme, where as the other (the right side of things) go with a lesser approach.  One limits the sin that is present, while the other is all in, even call for worse things, of which should not even be mentioned.  Yet they both have one thing in common, they are BOTH part of the majority doing evil.  One just does it better than the other.


The majority of the left has a die hard approach to so-called climate change, something where men ought to worry more about repenting towards God than they should be about the earth being destroyed through our allowed use of it.  (Ac. 17:30-31, Gen. 1:28, 2 Pet. 3:10)  Many in the right agree about some regulations and have some worries about the future of this planet, but they generally are more about common sense than prohibiting industry associated with the use of the materials that are found on this Created earth (Gen. 1:1).  Last time I checked, we shouldn’t abuse the planet; for instance trees should be replanted when we harvest them, this earth is temporary (Matt. 24:35) and God has Created it for us to use (Gen. 1:28).


Many on the left have become fixated on ensuring that children have the right to chose their own gender, even pushing such ideas into our country’s educational curriculum from coast to coast.  Most on the right offend the left by rightfully declaring that having their children being taught what gender they are, as well as taught numerous sexual perversities from the public education system in wrong.  In this the right is correct.


Many on the left do not believe that there is a God, most of the right do believe there is a God, yet both do not readily accept the God of the Bible, but have heaped up for themselves false beliefs and teachers who tell what their itching ears want to hear.  They do not listen to God, they do not follow the Christ of the Bible, they are both part of the majority in doing evil.  After all, with Israel as our example, we can read through the Old Testament and see time after time them being led away or punished by God Almighty, for what?…not believing in God or for refusing to follow God as they ought to and stated that they would?


“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own lusts, desiring to hear pleasant things, they will heap up for themselves teachers;  and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to myths.”  2nd Timothy 4:3-4


“And the people answered and said: Far be it from us to forsake Jehovah to serve other gods; for Jehovah our God is He who brought us and our fathers up out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage, who has done those great signs before our eyes, and preserved us in all the way that we have gone and among all the people through whom we have passed.  And Jehovah drove out before us all the people, including the Amorites who were living in the land. We also will serve Jehovah, for He is our God.  And Joshua said to the people, You cannot serve Jehovah, for He is a holy God. He is a jealous Mighty God; He will not forgive your transgressions nor your sins.  If you forsake Jehovah and serve foreign gods, then He will turn and do evil and consume you, after He has done you good.  And the people said to Joshua, No, but we will serve Jehovah!  And Joshua said to the people, You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen Jehovah for yourselves, to serve Him. And they said, We are witnesses.  Now therefore, he said, put away the foreign gods which are among you, and incline your heart unto Jehovah the God of Israel.  And the people said to Joshua, Jehovah our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey!”  Joshua 24:16-24


On the right political side of things, there is a heavier mix of more biblical morals than the left.  The right loosely holds to the Bible, albeit often just when it fits their personal lives.  Many in the left do not hold to the Bible, their stance on abortion, the original split between the two parties and why I could never vote for a Democratic candidate, sums up it enough.  Yet just who is the right following?  Are they following the God of the Bible?  For many religious leaders on the right have stated many times that they believe President Trump is a man of God, called by God, is like a prophet (Elijah, Moses) or as I just heard today, comparing President Trump to Jesus Christ, in regards to Jesus being crucified and President Trump being impeached!  Blasphemy! 


Yet President Trump fits the evangelical crowd very well as a leader.  He would fit into the mold of what their churches teach, falsehood and lies.  The vast majority of churches out there are VERY apostate, in fact Jesus spoke of this church age in Revelation:


“And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God: I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot.  So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.  Because you say, I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing; and do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked;  I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.  Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.  To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”  Revelation 3:14-22


So here we have a huge division in this country, President Trump’s actions have ensured that such a division is here.  Just as there are many who love and trust President Trump, there are many who absolutely despise him. 


There has been violence, particularly during President Trump’s first year or so in office.  Now that violence, from groups like Antifa, has slowed, but there are still examples and news articles about people with MAGA hats, etc., being attacked by the left.  There is hope for the left, so overall the calm remains.  In their minds he might well be impeached or they might be able to elect a Democratic candidate and get him out of office.  So what happens if neither happens?


Then there is the split side, you have the Republicans who in some cases will meet up with Antifa and bully them right back, you also have them threatening to take up arms, should President Trump be impeached.  In fact there is also a well founded rumor that President Trump is prepared to use the US Marines, as well as the military to prevent himself from being removed from office, should the impeachment process actually remove him.  Many of President Trump’s supporters would fully support such a move.  Yet there is something common, something that is being talked about, but should not be, on both sides of the political spectrum, and that is civil war.


Both sides of the aisle has those who are predicting and calling for a civil war.  I’m not very trendy and generally do not keep up with movies, music or television.  If you were to ask me to name one song that Taylor Swift sings, I would not be able to do so.  If you were to ask me what Disney’s Frozen movies are about, I would not have a clue, but if I were to ask most people about history and how such horrific events take place, likewise, those who could give me a mouthful for my purposeful ignorance, would only further my evidence of wrongdoing on their parts.  For I have asked many pastors what one must do to be Saved, these being fundamental independent, KJV-only Baptist churches, and at best I get a watered down response, usually with NO mention of repentance, which is required in order for an individual to get Saved.


“Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has established a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has appointed. He has given assurance of this to everyone by raising Him from the dead.”  Acts 17:30-31


Jesus said… “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”  Luke 13:3


Likewise if I were to ask the average churchgoer, who also enjoys letting their children engage in occultic movies, like Frozen, about many things of the Bible, I would get no known answer.  So these same people, who walk in ignorance, whether or not declaring to be christians, are the same people who are calling for civil war, BOTH SIDES.  Really?!  We’ll it is really easy to see that, this division in the country is so great, but the problem is people are looking at it from a perspective of good verses evil.


The left look at the right as being evil, for calling their unbiblical policies of inclusiveness ridiculous, as well as refusing to worship the earth, rather than the Creator. (Ro. 1:25).  The right look at things the opposite way, but both are on the same path straight to Hell. 


“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many entering in through it.  Because narrow is the gate and distressing is the way which leads unto life, and there are few who find it.  Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.  You will know them from their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?  Even so, every good tree produces excellent fruit, but a corrupt tree produces evil fruit.  A good tree is not able to produce evil fruit, nor is a corrupt tree able to produce excellent fruit.  Every tree that does not produce excellent fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  Therefore from their fruits you will know them.  Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven.  Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many works of power in Your name?  And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who work out lawlessness!”  Matthew 7:13-23


They are both part of the majority doing evil.  As there has always been people who lied, people who harbored impure thoughts or secret drinking problems, verses the outlaw western culture of the past, where men murdered other men, over a simple dispute, the problem is they were both part of the majority who were not Saved, they were both on their way to Hell, just one was more obvious than the other.  For without Christ, there is no hope, there is no solution.


“Jesus answered and said to him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born from above, he is not able to see the kingdom of God.”  John 3:3


“Jesus said to him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  John 14:6


Yet many in America proclaim that President Trump is the solution.  From those who are trying to ‘get just a little bit more money’ to those who believe that President Trump is trying to defeat the deep state and the new world order.  From the average person who hopes America will be made great again to the investor who is watching the stock market continue at record highs.  A long time ago, there was an article written that rightfully proclaimed that America could NOT be made great again, if America didn’t repent.  When you start mixing the religious right into making President Trump into doing the work of God, we begin to have serious problems.


Someone from my perspective, of which I would call is someone who looks at world events, political events and other things through the lens of the Bible, someone who is truly a born-again Believer, then I find myself in a hard pressed society where absolutely no one cares to listen.


Certainly I write articles or do radio shows, as the Lord leads the burden on my heart to do so, yet I can not appeal to the left with my writings, as they are often against their agenda and I also can not appeal to the right with my writings, because they view President Trump as a very great leader or even a prophet!  So what then, should I say nothing, should I not write as the Lord leads, should I talk to a wall?  Some would say to do so, just shut-up, but most would say nothing, because they wouldn’t read this far into an article or make it through a radio show over this article. 


This country is so split, I am part of a small group of people who would not necessarily be against much of President Trump’s policies, but likewise would also not advocate full support of him.  I would be someone who would suggest that President Trump could be a bad man, but would not agree with the reasons of the left not to like him.  When you add in the Biblical lens then I find that my viewpoints about what could be going on are certainly in a league of their own.  Likely not many, perhaps no one would agree with me.


The problem nowadays is man’s refusal to be inline with what God has said.  All Will Stand is not politically correct, but every endeavor to be biblically correct is made. 


Looking at society and suggesting that we must look at ourselves, our country, our people, our beliefs, our supposed ‘christian’ religious values and we must condemn ourselves as overwhelming the majority doing evil, as a nation.  What people fail to see and oftentimes refuse to believe is that both sides are the majority doing evil.  Stop!


“Wash yourselves, purify yourselves. Put away the evil of your doings from My eyes; stop doing evil.”  Isaiah 1:16


If we consider carefully the condition of the churches and religious leaders in this country, in comparison to the Bible, than it should be no surprise that President Trump would fit their bill of being someone who is doing the work of God, or a prophet, or likened to Jesus, Elijah or Moses.  For only churches who are far from God, not in speech, but in the hearts of the congregations, could such statements be being said. 


Many churches simply consider President Trump to be carnal, but likewise a believer who is placed in that position of power due to the providence of God.  Yet their own churches are carnal.  Where will they stand when the Trumpet sounds (1 Thes. 4:16) and the Lord meets those who are in the air?  Where will they be?  For the far vast majority, they will be watching from earth as those who sleep in the earth’s dust, meet those who are presently alive in the air.


“But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who are asleep, that you sorrow not as others who have no hope.  For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.  For this we say to you by the Word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep.  For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shouted command, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.  Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together at the same time with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.”  1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 


Really what am I saying?  What do I mean?  Quite obviously the far vast majority of these churches DO NOT teach these things or even have doctrine that is completely contrary to what the Word of God clearly teaches.  They are the blind leading the blind and both will be Left Behind!


“But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.  And many will follow their destructive ways, through whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.  By covetousness they will exploit you with well-turned words; whose judgment of old is not idle, and their destruction does not slumber.  For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to Tartarus and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing the flood on the world of the ungodly; and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those intending to live ungodly; and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the lustful behavior of the wicked (for that righteous man, dwelling among them, his righteous soul was tormented from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds); then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust for the day of judgment, to be punished, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of defilement and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries.  Whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord.  But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness, as those who consider it pleasure to carouse in the daytime. They are spots and blemishes, delighting in their own deceptions while they feast with you, having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls; having a heart exercised in covetousness; accursed children.  They have forsaken the right way and gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness; but he was rebuked for his iniquity: a dumb donkey speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet.  These are wells without water, clouds being driven by a tempest, for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.  For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through wantonness, the ones who have actually escaped from those living in error.  While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.  For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the full true knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the end is worse for them than the beginning.  For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.  But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: A dog returns to his own vomit, and, a sow, having been washed, to her wallowing in the mire.”  2 Peter 2


Time could be spent trying to line up President Trump’s lifestyle, doctrines and overall countenance in comparison to the Bible, but why? 


“For a good tree does not produce bad fruit, nor does a bad tree produce good fruit.  For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.  A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.  But why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?  Everyone who comes to Me, and hears My sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like:  He is like a man building a house, who digs deep and lays the foundation on the rock. And when the flood rises, the stream bursts against that house, and cannot shake it, for it is founded on the rock.  But he who hears and does not act is like a man who builds a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream bursts; and immediately it falls. And the ruin of that house is great.”  Luke 6:43-49


Those who would do so could only come to a conclusion that he is saved because they could reflect their own lives being just as carnal, also believing they are saved, when one should be examining their own self.


“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know, yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you; unless indeed you are ones failing the test?”  2nd Corinthians 13:5


There is the potential of many end times prophecies being fulfilled right now, before our very eyes.  While no Believer can know for sure the timing, the names of the people, etc., as we are to just be watching and ready.


“Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord comes.  But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief comes, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be dug through.  Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man comes at an hour you do not expect.”  Matthew 24:43-44


“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.  But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with giddiness, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come upon you unexpectedly.  For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.  Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”  Luke 21:33-36


Nonetheless, the world is ripe for deception and that can clearly be seen.  The churches no longer teach people the Truths of the Bible in even basic doctrines, such as Salvation, the Flood, sin, separation, Heaven, Hell, Creation, just to name a few.  So how can they be a light to the world?  They are not!


Is there anyone left who can hear?  Is there anyone left who will listen?  Who can see?  Who will see?  Who is warning about what the Bible teaches will eventually happen?  Who is trying to preach repentance and saving faith to those who will hear, before it is too late!  You think it is hard to be Saved now when life is relatively easy, how about making the decision to become a martyr for Christ!  Though for those who read this when that time comes, that, my friend, would be the wisest choice that a man or a woman could ever make!


My friend, we live in a time where things are very ripe for deception, quite possibly God could even be allowing a mass delusion for those who counted His Truth as not worthy and rather choose to believe in lies. 


We live in a time where even if the Antichrist was rising to power the far vast majority of people would not see it.  Even if there was a man who had Jewish heritage and had Rabbis going oversees to see if perhaps he was the Messiah and had lineage to king David, as they believe, they would not know it.  We live in a time that even if there was a man who was trying to make the ultimate peace deal with Israel and if that turned out to be the deal that was spoken about in the Bible (Dan. 9:27) that the Antichrist would make, no one would see it.


We live in a day and age that even if there was a leader who was preparing to fix the global economic problems with a global reset done by the IMF and who talked of hints of a single currency (Rev. 13:16-18) (albeit an SDR unit, where citizens of their respective countries could still technically use their same currencies, just valued different), no one would perceive it.


We live in a day and age, that even if there was a man whose first wife said he always thought he would be king and if this man had a painting of Apollo, repesenting Satan, painted all over on the 66th floor of a penthouse, that was designed to be the tip of the spear, no one would care nor perceive the potential.


We live in a era where even if such a facade could be fostered on the American people and the world, even if there was one who had a bow with no arrows (Rev. 6:2), no one would understand it.  We live in a time where people are not looking for Christ’s return in a biblical fashion, they are looking towards that as evidence of their false faith, not watching AND ready.


“Beloved, I now write to you this second epistle (in both of which I stir up your pure minds by way of reminder), that you may remember the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and the commandment of us, the apostles of the Lord and Savior, knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were since the beginning of creation.  For of this they are willfully ignorant: that by the Word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of water and in the water, by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water.  But the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same Word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.  But, beloved, do not be unaware of this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.  The Lord is not slow concerning His promise, as some count slowness, but is longsuffering toward us, not purposing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with intense burning; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.  Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, of what sort ought you to be in holy behavior and godliness, looking for and earnestly hastening unto the coming of the Day of God, through which the heavens will be dissolved, being set on fire, and the elements will melt with intense burning?”  2nd Peter 3:1-12


We live in a time, where even as the old Saints rose from the dead and made them manifest to many after Jesus’s death (Matt. 27:52-53), that the hardness of the religious leaders of that day would still persecute the early Church leaders, STILL NOT BELIEVING, despite the overwhelming evidence.  Do not think that when the Saints are Raptured that people will not behave EXACTLY the same!


After all, if the religious leaders of Israel, after Jesus rose from the grave (Matt. 28:6) would have had to face the reality of their actions and admit accountability in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, so too will the religious leaders who are still Left Behind have to face the reality that they were false teachers, teaching damnable heresies.


No one will be able to say with certainty who the Antichrist is before the Rapture, it is simply not possible.  The Antichrist is NOT unveiled until after (2 Thes. 2:8).  One thing that is not understood, is the fact that most people around the globe will not understand that this leader is the Antichrist, they will not know it—at least not at first.  Yet should a Believer not warn those who will listen to pay attention, not to try and guess who it might be, but pay attention, seek God and repent, believing into Jesus Christ before it is too late!


“For He says: In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in a day of salvation I have helped you. Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”  2nd Corinthians 6:2


For even if the above was true, even if there was a man who showed that he had the potential to fulfill that role, who would listen, who would believe?  They are unsaved, both sides of the political aisle.  While one can be ascertained as worse, in terms of God’s Word, the reality is they are both part of the same majority who are doing evil, some just do it better than others.


“The good man has perished from the earth, and there is no one upright among mankind. All of them lie in wait for blood; each one hunts his brother with a net. Both hands are on evil, to do it well.  Both the ruler and the judge ask for a bribe. And the great one speaks the lust of his soul; and they weave it together.  The best of them is like a thorn; the upright more than a hedge of thorns. The day of your watchman and your punishment comes; now shall be their perplexity.”  Micah 7:2-4


My friend, when someone rises to power and matches much of these characteristics, should not someone point that eventually the Bible will be proven true, whether this is it or not, who knows?  No one.  Yet President Trump has rose to power and he is the man that fits these characteristics.  What, if anything, he turns out to be aside from the President of the United States, I do not know.  But one thing I do know is that even if he were the Antichrist, the world would be by and large ready for the deception.




“And He said to me, It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending. I will give of the fountain of the Water of Life freely to him who thirsts.  He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son.  But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, prostitutes, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”  Revelation 21:6-8


“And he said to me, Do not seal the Words of the Prophecy of this Book, for the time is at hand.  He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.  And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to what his work shall be.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the First and the Last.  Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the Tree of Life, and may enter through the gates into the city.  But outside are dogs and sorcerers and prostitutes and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and produces a lie.  I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify these things to you, to the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.  And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him who hears say, Come. And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take of the Water of Life freely.”  Revelation 22:10-17