Now is the Time

“For He says: In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in a day of salvation I have helped you. Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”  2nd Corinthians 6:2


There is a lot of talk nowadays about the end times, people wondering if we are in the end times.  Well, we have been in the end times for quite some time, but if it brings up memories of things you heard in the past regarding the apocalypse, this isn’t at the moment of the writing those last days yet.


I’m going to go out on a limb, suggesting that if several people were to read this they would become angry with me regarding saying such things, but that is alright, they need to be said.  With as much chaos as the coronavirus is causing around the world, there is a bright spot in all of that.


Never in my life have I seen a renewed interest in prayer, God or the things of God, even if misdirected.  God knows the heart (Jer. 17:10).  So if people begin to search and try to figure out what is going on (Jer. 29:13), those who are true Believers need to ensure that the full message of Salvation is preached, both repentance and faith into Jesus Christ (Acts 17:30-31, 20:21, Ro. 10:8-10). 


The world was going on in its normal course of a downward spiral, when suddenly this virus shook the ordinary day to day operations – tossing normalcy out the window.  Could this be an opportunity RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW for people to repent and accept the free gift of Salvation, before it is too late, before they are Left Behind and indeed dealing with the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7), better known as the Tribulation?


For if you consider the situation that we are told that we are facing, this is NOTHING in comparison to what the Bible clearly states will happen to those who are facing the just Judgments of Almighty God during the Tribulation.  Imagine a time where skyscrapers are crashing down, all around the world (Rev. 16:18-19)!


The last article that I wrote, entitled Is This It?, had the following posted underneath it on the Twitter account:


“Could this virus spread across the globe, wreaking financial havoc, gun confiscation, countless deaths, a predecessor Tribulation style police state?”


That was February 16th that that was posted.  Now so far the virus has spread across the globe, financial havoc is being wreaked and we might be seeing a predecessor Tribulation style police state being formed before our very eyes.  Will the gun confiscation and countless deaths also come?


So far, the media has over-hyped this to no end.  The death rate has been lowered from original projections and certainly there is sufficient evidence that the government of the United States allowed -I would think intentionally- the virus to spread, due to failing to test in a timely fashion.  In fact I would suggest that there are millions of people in America who have or have had the virus, which would greatly lower the death rate if they had been tested.  Before I continue, let me address one point here.


I hope that I am wrong in my thoughts regarding what is going on, in reading between the lines and trying to decipher the situation.  I know that there are many who are praying for our leaders to have wisdom and make the right decision, essentially to quit overreacting.  However, I must ponder, with evidence on my side, whether or not this is blatant ignorance, listening to bad advice from ‘experts’ or otherwise just overkill on trying to solve this pandemic. 


Should those of us who see the numbers suggesting that the panic is out of control, assume that those who lead our countries around the world do also not know of this information?  It seems likely that we would not be wiser from some articles or scientific journals that we read, assuming they were not privy to this information also.  What people need to start asking is whether or not this is a preplanned ordeal or if our government are simply using this as an opportunity to achieve taking away our freedoms to whatever objective that they have predetermined.


To say that we don’t have a problem would be seriously underestimating the scope of the ordeal.  Rather the issue is how this is addressed.  Do we lock down the world, bankrupt society or do we rather use common sense to protect those who are most vulnerable, while providing health care workers with the needed resources?  For even with say a 1% death rate, that is 1 person per 100 people who become infected, this would still be a problem. 


If 100,000,000 in the United States contracted the virus, just under 1 in 3, that would lead to one million deaths.  On top of that the rate of people who would need hospital beds would be through the roof.  Without those beds and the medical staff to care for them, the death rate would be incredibly higher.  So clearly something has to be done, just exactly what is the question, of which I am not going to answer.


According to the CDC website, in 1968 the Hong Kong flu killed 1,000,000 worldwide, including 100,000 Americans.  Our society did not shut down, it continued on.  The problem I have with this situation is the fact that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that this is a well thought out orchestrated event against the world…the motive would seem to be replacing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.


President Trump is quick to talk about how he shut down travelers coming from China early on.  Yet he also mentions that had we known about what was going on in China, we would have been more prepared.  Really?  Well the problem here is that we should have known. 


I could say that I knew what was going on, from reading news, at least by early February, but the Whitehouse axed a CDC program in China during the summer, ending the funding for it entirely at the end of September 2019.  This program, allowed by the Chinese government, was our ‘eyes and ears’ in China.  Specifically this program’s purpose was to watch for new diseases and viruses coming out of China and report these things to the United States.  So how about that for timing?!


That timing is about as good as building 7 being reported to have also collapsed (there were three World Trade Center buildings that fell on 9/11), while it was STILL STANDING in the background!  Like a scene out of the movie They Live!  Scary!  Or how about the passports from the supposed 9/11 hijackers that happened to be found on the ground, despite the fact that the planes all but incinerated.  There is more that could be said and perhaps in passing I should briefly mention a few of these.


The fact that the person, facility, phone numbers and addresses to a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China was quickly put out there, complete with photos, of supposedly how China accidentally released the virus, during a failed bat experiment within days of the virus outbreak, I find suspicious to say the least.  If you ask me, I could see that being a CIA ‘leak’ to distract from the real culprit. 


How about Fort Detrick being shut down by the CDC last summer, where they were doing research on bats and coronavirus…while I don’t know the specifics of why they were shut down, this is interesting.  Furthermore, some research on Dr. Fauci would see that he has an interesting past, working for Bush, Clinton, Obama and now Trump, overseeing the UNAID program.  An expert on HIV (of which there is ample evidence of some HIV markers in COVID-19), as well as a leading expert for the United States (and has been) on bioweapons. 


Finally China has been accusing the United States of being responsible for this through our military.  President Trump, if our government happened to be behind this, would be an absolute genius by directly calling out China on this, allowing crimestop to be placed in American minds by calling it the ‘Chinese virus’.  Most elected leaders would ignore these accusations and therefore allow the conspiracy theories to run wild.  By hitting it head-on, it greatly diminishes the amount of people who would consider it something ‘to look into’.  Adding the ‘Chinese virus’ component would create unity among Americans (those who support him) by their patriotic underlying thoughts.  Deep indeed, perhaps, but let’s move along now because it is -impossible- to prove how it happened or who did it.


Which brings me to the next point, it doesn’t matter how it occurred.  Whether or not it just happened to come about naturally, the Wuhan lab leaked it accidentally or another state actor unleashed this virus, the old saying goes to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ and our world leaders are doing just that.  For the record, I do not believe it was natural and am in no way assuming that our country wasn’t aware of the scope of the situation, a different topic for a different time, perhaps never for All Will Stand to tackle.


So why cover this at all?  How does this have to do with the ‘end times’ or the Bible.  Well the motive is there and it -might- have something to do with Bible prophecy.


For years I have been talking about this ridiculous amount of debt that the world has found itself in.  It used to be that preachers would talk about the ‘one world currency’ and the mark of the beast, of which oddly enough very little is said about such things nowadays, despite the technological advances that have been made since the year 2000.  Revelation 13:16-18 says the following:


“And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”


So in order to prevent people from buying or selling, there must be a control mechanism of the world’s currency, right?  Logic would suggest that.  I’ve written a bit more regarding these things in the book Repent! How, Even it, President Trump was the Antichrist the Church Wouldn’t Know It, available for free on 


As a reminder, I am not saying nor would I have the authority to say that President Trump is the Antichrist, he unfortunately simply provides a good example of how the Antichrist could rise to power and how the ‘strong delusion’ that God will allow to ‘those who are perishing’ (2nd Thes. 2:9-12), could potentially be happening.  No one is able to name the Antichrist as he has not yet been unveiled (2 Thes. 2:8) because the Rapture (1 Thes. 4:14-18) has not yet occurred.  I would mention that with the Antichrist eventually being unveiled, could that not mean that it is someone who is already rising to power???


So the idea behind it is simple, mentioned in more detail in the book, the world has a debt problem.  The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency and for years other countries have been saying that it is going to come to an end, just as other past reserve currencies.  Essentially the debt is a ticking time bomb and all of the world’s economic ‘powerhouses’ have the same sort of debt manipulation problems in their society.


The amount of student loan debt, auto loans, credit cards, corporate bonds, mortgage industry, etc. are all at record high levels.  The amount of debt in the world has been a problem and the International Monetary Fund has been saying since 2018 that the world needs a ‘global reset’.  Essentially in a nutshell, the time to switch to a global reserve currency is potentially upon the world and this coronavirus is an absolutely perfect excuse for the world to go ‘bankrupt’ and have to work together for a solution, which would be a global reserve currency.


The patriots would love it, as it would probably we partly backed on gold and people likely would still have their respective currencies in their wallets, albeit it would be something like an SDR (Special Drawing Rights) unit, rather a basket of currencies around the world weighed in upon one another.  Complex, but also relatively simple.  Once again, you can read more on this in the book.  Point is, let the world’s debt blow up fighting this virus and then the leaders can come together with a ‘solution’ to solve it. 


To make matters even more interesting, I recall, though I searched for hours and hours trying to find the quote, President Trump saying that he could fix the world’s debt problem.  Now this would obviously lead to other questions (and perhaps it should) about whether or not President Trump could really be the Antichrist, the point being here is there was something very interesting hidden in the recent coronavirus bailout bill, the largest spending bill in world history!


In that bill, if you understand such things, it allows the US Department of Treasury to be in control of the Federal Reserve System.  In a nutshell, and to no surprise a supposed ‘good point’ for those whom I now term as having Trump Delusionment Syndrome, the alternative media are looking at that as a great thing so that President Trump can act as the Federal Reserve chairman and save America.  I personally would be VERY careful with such thoughts, very careful.


So why call those who have unwavering support of President Trump delusional?  Well because these are the same people who warned that the government was preparing for martial law, that those on the watchlists (they still exist people) were going to be rounded up, how the global elite wanted to release a deadly virus on the world, etc., are now doing a 180 degree turn and praising President Trump’s response.  Only President Trump could get away with this.


While I certainly hope that President Trump has our best interests in mind, as well as the remainder of the world’s leaders and their respective populations, I must point out a few things here, letting the reader do the research on their own if they want to.


When Barack Obama was President, as well as George W. Bush, the alternative media went crazy with the amount of funding that was given to the hardening of police stations and military equipment for them.  This was a big talking point, but President Trump has year after year given so much funding towards this that it would make Barack Obama blush.  The same be said with the state surveillance powers upon ‘we the people’. 


After 9/11 President Bush greatly expanded the powers that Clinton had put into play with the Echelon program, Obama continued with that but President Trump has taken it even further.  The alternative media only has mentioned that President Trump is a nationalist and therefore it is not for us, but to keep us safe.  Really?  How do we know that Barack Obama also didn’t want to keep us safe.  Keep the same standards for every President, not picking and choosing who to hold accountable.


I recall having a heavy debate with my best friend when President Trump early in his presidency had signed a bill that greatly expanded his powers under martial law to detain people.  The excuse, straight from ‘mainstream’ alternative media was that President Trump was going to use that to go after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Well I am still waiting to ‘lock her up’, how about you? 


In fact that theory is still out there now that a national emergency has been declared.  Each and every one of those dictatorial powers that have been put on the books can now be used.  This doesn’t mean that they will (and I hope they won’t be used), but they can be.  When President Bush passed Executive Directive 51, there was talk about this being used for martial law.  President Trump has now invoked that directive.


It seems that the public at large is always one step behind and if one pays close attention and can remember what someone has said prior, this would be obvious.  However, with this campaign against ‘fake news’ I believe the general public has been duped into accepting what could be a very draconian society if people don’t wake up out of it.  Really it seems like the red pilled people have been blue pilled.  Never, never trust any President invoking national emergency powers, even in a national emergency…period. 


Case in point.  The United States, particularly the CDC has been hiring quarantine officers for EVERY major city in the United States via  The pay is good, I doubt the job is.  Recall Dr. Fauci stated that it was only extremely low that the United States would have exactly what is happening, an epidemic, happen.  Yet little by little, they introduce more police state measures.


By time people figure out whether this at minimum over-hyped and in my opinion willfully allowed to get out of control pandemic is going to lead to hot martial law, it will be too late.  At that time they will have us cornered, surrounded and whatever their objective, they will much easier be able to obtain it.  This is serious, not to say that it is for sure going to go that far or perhaps it wouldn’t go that far until after the election and the second wave of the virus, but we should NOT be putting our trust in our government who should not be trusted.  We should be preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.


A perfect scenario where this seemingly manmade virus was allowed to spread and gives a precedent, a reason to have these measures, yet what about those dissidents, like myself, that the government has wanted to get rid of for years?  Would not quarantine camps (aka FEMA camps) provide the perfect cover to get rid of those ‘red list’ people who simply ‘didn’t make it through’?  Think I am going a bit overboard, think that this couldn’t happen (maybe it won’t, maybe the Rapture will happen first or society will simply return to normal), well chew on this a moment.


Not only are quarantine officers being hired, which would mean the government is planning a much bigger response, but what about all of these workers who have received ‘essential papers’ for travel.  I know of some myself.  So you tell me, as of this writing, where are the checkpoints asking for these papers being issued across the country?  They’re not there yet.


In my opinion President Trump knew that things would not get better by Resurrection Sunday (easter), but he told American people what they wanted to hear, while also passing an Executive Order allowing for up to 1,000,000 reserve troops to be on the streets of America for up to 2 years.  Bet your media friends (alternative or otherwise) have yet to tell you that.  Wake up!  Rather preachers, preach the Word of God and preach repentance and faith into Jesus Christ.  The time is at hand!


While a global currency could be around for a hundred years before the Tribulation, understand that we as Believers are to be ‘watching and ready’ (Matt. 24:36-44).  Most are not watching or ready.  So as you are hearing the rhetoric of essentially we are all learning, just as our leaders, understand there is strong evidence that we are all falling into a trap, a real trap that has real full hospitals and people dying, but one that also has the boot of tyranny stomping on us.


I wouldn’t doubt if President Trump took this crisis and ‘made America great again’.  I’ll give you my theory, without knowing the timing of the Rapture, but I could see President Trump being the ultimate problem solver, solving the world’s financial crisis, perhaps even the ultimate deal (as he calls it) of a peace deal in Israel (pastor’s take heed to make sure your congregation is watching and ready), bringing peace and prosperity (an Antichrist trait) to the world and the United States.  My theory is simple…


Show a bunch of people dying on respirators and show how many we are missing, show the lack of medical supplies, blame China and then use an Executive Order or pass a law in Congress to bring back all of the medical supplies, medicine, etc.  Then and only then would the world, if they could even see (Matt. 15:14), realize that these trade wars were about setting up for a global currency, when the US dollar reserve currency failed.  In order to keep America on the top we had to switch from a service industry country (thus the shutdowns on the service industry) into a manufacturing country. 


Millions of jobs would come back to this country, debt would be forgiven, life would go on.  The world would be different, the United States would be different, but the cash would start flowing again.  Perhaps I took the ending of this article one step to far, but one thing I know for sure is President Trump is brilliant as an orator to the people.


When a President has church leaders saying he is put in office by God, others calling him like Elijah or Moses, he himself calling himself ‘the chosen one’ and allowing himself (by reviling in it) to be called the ‘King of Israel’ or the ‘second coming of God’, my friends time might be real short. 


If you haven’t repented and by faith believed into Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you might well think about getting that taken care of now.  For more information on Salvation you can visit