Project Venezuela

All Will Stand is comitted to helping spread the Gospel throughout the world, wherever and whenever possible.  The people of Venezuela have been long suffering under a terrible economic crash that has caused a once great Latin American country to all but fail.  Our heart goes out to those who are in Venezuela and our prays are with those who are true Christians, working to spread the Gospel amongst their fellow citizens. 


Given the circumstances, the Lord laid it upon my heart to seek out those who are truly doing His work and provide economic support during these troubled times in Venezuela.  Thus Project Venezuela was created, a missions based portion of All Will Stand to provide aid to those who are true Christians to assist them in their endeavors.  As the Lord provides, we will continue this endeavor, not knowing the fullness of the outcome, but knowing that whatever happens will be according to His will.   


All Will Stand never solicits for donations.  The Lord will fulfill His purposes through whoevers heart he lays the burden upon.