A Voice in the Wilderness (a-voice.org) – Paul Becker

Sadly the VW website is no longer available.  We were aware that the website was only paid up through early May 2023 and the company would not allow a check to be sent to pay for additional time.  However, the hosting company, that hosted the website was kind enough to continue having kept the website up, without pay, to this point.  There is a slight possibility that the website will be able to be secured and the hosting redirected, however, as a precaution, VW resources have been added to this website.


All of the VW books that were in my possession have been added to the Christian Resource Center and available to download in a PDF format.  Under the Books & Bibles Online, the VW-Edition E Bible is available for download, as well as purchase.  There is also a link to purchase a print copy of a few titles from the VW books.  You can also download a copy of the entire A Voice in the Wilderness website from a-voice.net.


With the jungle of ideas out there, truly the A Voice in the Wilderness website wasAn Oasis of Biblical Truth – For the Last Days – the Bible our Sole Authority.