Preaching the Gospel

All Will Stand LLC has always been funded, until a small donation received this year, from the income that the Lord gives through regular work. Nonetheless, we live in a dark age where even though people are not very receptive of ‘thus saith the Lord’ type preaching, as well as true biblical preaching, the opportunity is presented to reach many people through the avenue of radio.


If God so wills, certainly people can be reached coast to coast or around the world, without a doubt. With that said, I have setup a donation page found HERE.  There is a disclaimer that should be read, even if you decide to send a check or money order instead.


There is a great amount of work to be done, even in this late hour and unfortunately radio slots are expensive.  There is also a Church with a good pastor in Colombia, where they are doing God’s great work of preaching the Gospel, baptisms, teaching young children to memorize Bible verses, feeding the poor, being a bastion of Truth in an otherwise dark neighborhood in a poorer part of Colombia.  The work is great and funding could also be sent to them.


If the Lord so speaks to your heart to help with either or both of these endeavors, you could either send a check or money order made out to All Will Stand to:

Tim Medsker

3213 W. Main St.

Suite 407

Rapid City, SD  57702

…or donate via the linked page found above.  If the funds are sent or if God provides the funds a different way, then more radio shows will be added and/or donations will be sent to Colombia.  There are numerous more slots that are available for All Will Stand’s ministry to accept.  Please note that the administrator of All Will Stand generally only pays for things in advance and those not incuring debt or without a commitment beyond what is completely feasible.  Most 15 minute slots cost about $25-35/week.  So a commitment would be added once enough money was put aside to pay for the entire agreed upon commitment and then another radio show slot would be looked at.  All in all, probably a prepayment per slot of six months would suffice for the radio show broadcaster.


As far as Colombia, in general about $100 extra per month had been sent (not accounting for the inflation that is seen across the globe).  This money was used to pay for feeding children once per week, as they learned about Jesus and memorized verses, some of them accepting Christ as their Savior and then being immersed into Baptism, as a public display of their commitment to Christ.  This reduction in funding has not been made up with the new commitment to pay for the radio time slot in Philadelphia.

Looking Up!