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I haven’t had something quite this telling happen in years and I am just going to assume that this happened years ago and perhaps was not even still active???


However, if you take a look at the subdomain that my supposedly ‘spook free’ email account had, what a telling thing!  Apparently, my guess is that every single email that has ever been sent via this account was probably compromised!


Well that is the way technology works, pretty much no guarantees of any sort of anonymity.  So who setup the ‘omnipresent.neomailbox.ch’ subdomain?   Wasn’t me, was it my ‘friends’ at the NSA or the CIA?


“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;” … Psalms 23:5


Come Lord Jesus!





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Hi Tim


We can change your username to “<EDITED>“. Your email address will

change to <EDITED>@neomailbox.ch. Your mailboxes will be preserved

across the username change.


Just confirm back that you’d like to make the change and we will go

ahead with it.


Would you like to keep the same subdomain, “omnipresent.neomailbox.ch”?






Neomailbox Support


On 10/5/23 2:33 AM, <EDITED>@neomailbox.ch wrote:

> Hello,


> I have my account prepaid up into 2026.  I have been a customer for

> around 10 years now and this email address needs to be retired.


> Could I change it to <EDITED>@neomailbox.ch?  Please let me know

> how this could be done with me still retaining access to my account.


> Thank you,


> Tim