Archived Shows

The other day All Will Stand received an email from the company that broadcasts the radio program.  A snippet from that email is as follows:


“We are delighted to inform you that your program, All Will Stand, has been reviewed and found to be of exceptional quality.  Your teaching of the Scriptures is refreshing and much needed in today’s culture.  We appreciate the depth of your message’s content, while still presenting it in a way that is simple to comprehend & apply.”


While the article/chapter titled “Out of What One Has” has not yet been produced and Lord-willing it will be, this was also an invitation to expand the program through all available outlets that they have.  However, such a thing is certainly in the Lord’s hands, according to His will.  However, in essence, the program can go ‘worldwide’ with archived shows and the cost is certainly within the means of this ministry.  😉