Of Interest 2

FINAL UPDATE:  So the seller on ebay checked with the post office who simply stated that the package had been lost in tranist.  They were in the process of getting a refund, insurance, whatever they might have had for the package.  I managed to go on with my used Gateway monitor that I picked up for $15.  However, on 1/9/24 things changed, suddenly this monitor, with a huge gap in ‘where’ it was, shows up here in Rapid City, SD.  Never forget, what Edward Snowden revealed and what some people alreadly knew, you simply can never for sure trust any sort of electronics that you receive.  I wonder if I will receive the other one that never arrived in the future?




SPECIAL NOTE: This tidbit post and the acompnaying pictures were taken after the end of business day on Friday, December 29th, 2023.

As more articles are being worked on, some might seem a bit unbelievable to the average Joe.  Should the Lord will, there will be some more insight provided on Revelation chapters 17 & 18, as a stark warning of the late hour in which we live.


Oddly, just after the last expose, another interesting thing has happened.  In the past I could have numerous stories like this, but why not show something that is interesting and let the reader decide whether or not this is suspicious or not (also consider their potential target: me).


To presumably be explained in an upcoming article and being done for some research in order to be able to produce that material and radio programs, I am engaged in a project of ‘retroing’ some of my equipment, using ebay to do so.


From my consideration, it seems as if I perhaps caught the watchers off-guard.  I was able to purchase a used ‘new’ computer and then I had to get the additional components to keep it up and running.  The first monitor I received without an issue and am using it.  However, as this is only a super-VGA (due to potential compatibility issues) I needed a second.


Years ago we had many known problems like what I am about to explain.  In fact a few years ago while getting some harddrives, we also had similar problems (multiple times) for external drives, even with expedited shipping to minimize the problem.


Out of all fairness, there is not that much computer equipment shipped on a regular basis, it has probably been since those external hard drives that any has been ordered.


So here is the first back up monitor that was to be stored away:

Monitor 1


As you can see, it got shipped, but then never shipped.  The seller wasn’t sure what happened, but refunded the money.


Ok…perhaps it just happened.  So after some research, I decided to order this other monitor and now this one has done the same thing (having been received by USPS, but not moving at all).


So here is the second back up monitor:

Monitor 2


It is quite apparent that I will have to be on the lookout for a good used one locally.  Even if the second one arrives, how could it be trusted?


So now, most readers are going to be asking what are you talking about?  Well the NSA has something called the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) in which they intercept computers or components from individuals who they find interesting.  They then ‘bug’ or ‘backdoor’ the items and continue on with the shipping process.


I am certain that I have seen this a few times in the past, even with one purchase (a graphic card back in probably 2013) stopping in a known UPS hub (Louisville) where they supposedly operate.  I have noted that the tracking from shippers now doesn’t seem to allow this ‘visual’ that was before.  I had in years prior actually seen one product almost to my door (at the time in Montana) back east and THEN a day or so later ship back out to me!!!


Here is a link if you want to see what I am talking about:

NSA Tailored Access Operations News Article


However, I do believe this will tie into future articles and radio shows, that will help provide that little bit of interest that perhaps will cause people to ponder their ways before God Almighty and realize the state of the world that is actually around them.