Email to a Patriotic News Outlet

—Simply posting this here as well, just something to ponder, something that anyone digesting a lot of internet news will run across frequently —


Where is the balance for a Christian, patriot and simply citizen of the United States of America trying to raise a family in these times?  While I subscribed years ago, this fall I unsubscribed from everthing everywhere as I pondered going forward what to do.  So recently I decided that you were one of two email news that I would sign up, the most respectful and honest, in my opinion.


Yet the week in review that had 4 articles relating to topics of sexual perversion, three of them about transgenders, is simply too much for me.  This is exactly the problem, our enemy, let’s for the sake of argument call them the ‘left’ are still FORCING us to have these thoughts in our heads, conversations with our mouths and defend CONSISTENTLY that what we know is true.


For God has stated that He created them male and female and God has stated that we are to avoid sexual perversions (Taylor Swift article).  However He has also stated to ‘think on these things’, which are those things which are opposite of these articles, as well as to avoid evil communication.  So how then can we do both?


Can we just not have a stand, as this is not a pulpit pounding news outlet, but rather a patriotic news outlet, where we simply stand on the truth, rather than falling prey to constantly having to have that what we alreadly know discussed over and over again.  The best publicity Bud Light ever had was that commercial clip going viral for those who otherwise wouldn’t have seen it, over and over again.


These things change our society, they mold our minds and that is the intent of those who are actually constantly forcing the defence, or rather discussion of these things.  This is part of the agenda and if we constantly ‘bite’ the bait then we are slowly, as a society, being morphed into accepting things, in disagreement, that should simply not be discussed.  These debates give ‘liberty’ to those who practice such acts of evil, for they will always have their anti-God voices on their side, some of which will be in positions of power to allow them to increase in their deviancy.


Nonetheless, I thank you for your service to this country in producing media that enlightens those who read it, so that they might be able to counter the agendas pushed our way.  For I did happen to listen to a bit of AM radio this past week and heard for a moment the discussion of a potential category 6 storm, thinking that strange, as I am a weather buff who volunteers for the NWS.  Later when I did get that same email, I see it was the climate change group trying to promote their agenda by creating a worse categories of storms so that the perception is that their lie is real.


Well, these things are certainly useful to know, but, for myself, I must put the balance into God’s hands, as His edicts found in His Word must come first and foremost to man’s or my own ideas.


Keep up the good work and consider your enemy!