Ameri-K-a, Ameri-K-a, Ameri-K-a, What Has Happen To Our America?

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Ameri-K-a, Ameri-K-a, Ameri-K-a,
What Has Happen To Our


The United States Congress just passed a new piece of legislation which will create a ‘super committee’ that the corporation control-grid media is telling us that this new committee will help cut spending of our national debt by trillions of dollars. The problem with this committee is that it is A: unconstitutional, B: this new ‘super committee’ could easily result into a futuristic dictatorship society within our republic. During the late hours before the Republican party and Democratic party passed the debt ceiling plan, the United States Congress created this committee to supposedly help with the budget problems this nation is currently facing including stopping the first default in U.S. history on our obligations to pay our debt. Thusly this brought forth fear to the stock market and Moody and other finical institutions were now rating America with its first ever negative – AAA rating score.

Even during the great depression America never lost the highest finical score given (AAA). The current ratting score the U.S. holds now is a negative which could eventually result into a AA score. In simple terms, these scores are rated to indicate to investment companies, governments, and businesses, a credit ratting. These markers show trustful stability to one’s debt obligation. It is like a personal credit score of an individual. The higher the score is, the better the credit and interest will be when applying for loans, credit cards, and etc. UPDATE: The United States has had our credit rating lowered to AA+ with a negative outlook by S&P. S&P is now continuing to downgrade other government debt, including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Although I believe the U.S. Government needs to reduce its debt due to the mathematical conclusion of eventual economical collapse of our future U.S. markets, this passed legislation was NOT the solution.

This new super committee, which people are calling the “Super Congress” seems to have way too much power and could eventually be used outside of our debt reduction plan the federal government is informing us about. The legal wording within this legislation grants more power to this committee then the actual United States Congress. Six members from the Senate and Six Members from the House of Representatives will be appointed to this committee. The 13th council member will be the President of the United States. This committee will have the absolute power to introduce legislation to the House and Senate. No amendments will be allowed under this committee and the power to filibuster has been banned from its constitutional origins. The House and Senate will only be able to cast an up or down vote from the committee. This new procedure is indeed dangerous and grants too much power to the executive branch of our constitutional republic. Americans must wake up to this deadly piece of legislation before they wake up in the new Nazi American society. This committee could also usher in legislation to apply gun-control laws, global warming regulations, and etc. What the public is not realizing is this committee will have the power to pass any type of legislation. This ‘Super Congress’ sets the legal precedence to allow such rule of law. This new “Super Congress” could eventually become what was once known has the Central Committee under the evil dictator of Stalin regime. This new Super Congress if allowed to have this much power would most likely be used against freedom-loving patriots; pursuant to the philosophical belief of the liberty of individuals and the constitutional restraint of limited government power. This legislation is indeed a BIG-BROTHER agenda that only tyrannical fascist neo-cons who are hell bent on destroying what-is-so-called left of our current U.S. Constitution.

Alex Jones a syndicated radio alternative news journalist published a you-tube video to the threatening reality that could spring forth from this new bureaucracy “The Super Congress” if the American people don’t demand its dismantlement immediately.

Youtube Link:

We here at have also taken the time to publish all of the links Alex Jones talked about within the above You-Tube link for the public to easily access and research the evidence themselves and come to their own logical conclusion.

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The main principles of dividing the branches of our central government is key to maintaining a constitutional republic. Sadly the average American citizen doesn’t have even the basic knowledge on how the separation of powers should work. Our society chooses to be entertained and dumbed down by our public education system and the control-grid media that outwardly indoctrinates the general assembly of the masses daily.

We at would just like to warn the threat of this super congress by simply saying this one statement. Is this “SUPER CONGRESS” going to become like the past “CENTRAL COMMITTEE” of Stalin?

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