Obamacare: Preventive Care or Total Control


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

……………………………………………………………………………………Obamacare: Preventive Care or Total Control

Preventive care or total control?

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…”  Nancy Pelosi

So what is in it?  The second article in our Obamacare series is written by the founder of NMTO and will cover the Constitutional aspect of Obamacare.  The goal of this article is to present potential effects of the preventive care portion of the American Affordable Care Act, ask questions which have not been answered and try to get to the bottom of what exactly is in the health care legislation.

Let’s see if We The People can find out what is in it, before 2014.

The Liberal Argument

Under the ‘general welfare’ of the citizens of the United States of America it is imperative that all Americans have health insurance under the American Affordable Care Act.  (Please see part 2 for why the ‘general welfare’ and/or commerce clause is not applicable for this piece of Legislation and to understand the true intentions of those clauses from the founding fathers.)  In order to keep the cost down for everyone, each person must have insurance.  If not, those who refuse to purchase health insurance are affecting the whole who have purchased, as mandated, health care insurance.  Should someone be allowed to pick up health insurance on the way to the hospital?  How is this fair to all of those others who are being responsible and taking care of their health and paying their premiums?  The mandate is required for the good of all or the good of society.

The Problem

The problem with this type of argument or any other liberal argument is that whether or not this makes sense it is:

A:  Unconstitutional

B:   Against the free will, liberty and freedom of those individuals who do not want to purchase health insurance (direct counter argument).

C:  While there are those who would view this argument as legitimate, there are many unforeseen consequences that could/would go into effect AFTER.  This is the trick to liberalism, it seems like a good idea to many, but it always goes in a direction that is MUCH further than what nearly anyone would presume.  What could/would happen, starting in 2014, is the scope of this article.

Preventive Care

Who owns your body?  Who is responsible for the care of your body?  Yourself or the government, health industry?

If Obamacare is ruled Constitutional under the general welfare and/or commerce clauses of the United States Constitution then the preventive care sections of this legislation are also likely to be ruled in the same manner (should they be challenged in court).  There is a little bit of a difference though.

Under the Obamacare Act an individual who has their own health insurance would be able to deny seeking or getting preventive care by paying up to twice their monthly premium for failing to fulfill the preventive care portions of their health insurance.  Under the Obamacare act the health insurance premiums can be 2 to 1 for preventive care and 3 to 1 for age.  The scope of this article is not to get into detail over the cost of Obamacare, but it will be briefly mentioned later in this article.

There are also many liberal arguments about this section of the bill.  Do some make sense to most?  Sure, as always the liberal argument will subvert an individual right under something that seems reasonable, case-in-point, smoking — tobacco use.

Your Killing Me

It has been said that smoking is safer than fascism and while I agree with this statement, it is not true at first.  If healthy based lifestyle (prevention) ended at not smoking than perhaps there would be a legitimate rationale to charge those who smoke or use tobacco more for health insurance premiums or limiting where a smoker can light up for the ‘good’ of all may make sense.  (I completely understand the Constitutional arguments about where one could be limited to smoking or not smoking and agree, at the minimum, that private business owners have the right to decide on their own private property what individuals can or can’t do.  The scope of this article is not to dive into these sort of laws, of which I feel no necessity to write an article about.)

For those who understand how this society really works in regards to the FDA, USDA, Big Pharma, Factory Farms, unwholesome food, GMO’s, nanotech, vaccinations, etc…you might wonder why in the world would the government care about second hand smoke causing the deaths of innocent Americans?  Well so did I.  At first it appeared that such state legislation was subverting the rights of individuals and helping to setup the stage for more police state tactics (like mandatory motorcycle helmet or seatbelt laws) then after thinking upon the passage of Obamacare it appears that this was mass conditioning for the government to regulate the actions that negatively affect the health of citizens in order to further utilize this to promote a total police state style of control over one’s own health, individual freedoms and liberty.  Using tobacco usage as a starting point, as this is something that obvious affects the health of millions and kills hundreds of thousands of people per year, is a precursor of things to come.

Tobacco use is the ideal starting point.  Only an idiot would argue that cigarettes or chew, etc., is not bad for the health of the user.  Arguing that those who frequent restaurants are going to get lung cancer or other debilitating diseases if formidable at most…(with the exception of those who work at these establishments.)  So using this as the starting point to control what people do and then once it is accepted by society that certain behaviors are banned for the good of all, what could possibly be next?

There is More to Preventive Care than Smoking

Of course the next logical conclusion would be a healthy diet, followed by a moderate amount of exercise.  I believe that any individual should agree that being tobacco free, eating healthy and doing a moderate amount of exercise are good goals that should be attained by all who want to try to be as healthy as possible.  The problem remains that this is an individual choice that each person has to make for their own bodies, not a choice that should be made by the government or insurance companies.  The bigger problem is that preventive care goes far beyond these assumed reasonable items.  Let’s just get right into it.

What Preventive Care Means in Obamacare

There are seven different areas of preventive care in the American Affordable Care Act.  These are as follows:

• Tobacco free living

• Preventing drug abuse and excessive alcohol use

• Healthy eating

• Active Living

• Injury and violence-free living

• Reproductive and sexual health

• Mental and emotional wellbeing

Now we are going to go over and try to, with the best of this author’s ability, decipher what exactly these preventive measures mean to your individual liberties.  While it will be hard or even impossible to prove exactly what these mean prior to 2014, we are going to create a hypothesis based off of facts received by this author regarding preventive care.  We will start with tobacco free living.

Preventive Care’s Total Control

Tobacco Free Living

As many who have employer sponsored health insurance have found out in recent months or a year or so ago, you have to PAY additional premiums if you are a tobacco user.  Ignoring the liberal argument mentioned above let’s discuss exactly how this affects your personal liberty.

First and foremost even as it is agreed that tobacco use causes harm, there is a big difference between someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day and occasionally smokes a cigar now and then.  Yet under the technical definition of many employer’s health insurance there is no difference.

Should you use tobacco at all, then you will have to pay additional money for your monthly health insurance cost.  The most I have heard of so far is an additional $87.00 per month or over an extra thousand dollars a year.  Is smoking  a cigar every Saturday morning while reading the newspaper on the porch going to cause disease?  What about those who on a rare occasion smoke a cigarette or two?  Well for those who don’t have such actions being taken against their paychecks at work, let me enlighten you.  Would you be dishonest about any tobacco use, after all why ‘report’ a few cigars that you might have throughout the year?  There are now required tobacco testing in order to receive the tobacco free discount or rather avoid the tobacco use penalty with health insurers required at your annual mandated health review.

In addition tobacco use is being banned in workplaces, public parks and beaches and multiple housing units.  There is also a push to ban tobacco use in certain residential areas in various regions around the country.  The question that needs to be asked here is why a government who is purported to care so much about the health of its citizens would allow tobacco to contain the 4,000 additives that have been proven to be the main cause of cancer and other diseases.

Cigarettes have been nicknamed Chernobyl’s by some due to the amount of radioactive fertilizers used in the growing of the tobacco.  It is said that these accumulate in the ground where the tobacco is grown and create a more hazardous product every year.  Tobacco is largely GMO and it is believed that they have a higher level of nicotine in them, which makes them more addictive.  Also there are tons of chemicals that are added to the tobacco during the processing which makes them very dangerous.  Anyone who uses tobacco products, with the exception of imported open air dried, hand rolled cigars, are putting themselves at a very big risk due to the lack of government intervention to make a safer product.  When it comes to preventing disease from the use of tobacco the government falls way short.

Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol Use

This is one that I haven’t seen any enforcement on, yet.  Besides being asked about your individual drug or alcohol use on a questionnaire, this is rather benign at the moment.  Will this mutate into mandate drug/alcohol screening?  Perhaps there will be random testing?

Health insurance companies will be able to have screening for drug and/or alcohol use.  How frequent this will occur or whether it will be random is yet to be determined.  There is another side that the government takes to implementing preventive care that pushes aside Americans right to liberty and freedom.

Implementing and increasing sobriety checkpoints under the guise of prevention.  One of the preventive measures that will be taken is the increase in unconstitutional checkpoints that are used under the guise of stopping drunk driving.  Another measure that is being considered is an alcohol ignition system in cars that would prevent the vehicle from starting if the operator has been drinking.  These type of government controls being implemented for the sake of preventive care show just how big of a reach the government arm will have into all Americans life, beginning in 2014.

One last aspect of this particular area of preventive health is mental health.  Anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol under the definitions set forth by the healthcare industry, insurers and government will be pushed into mental health therapy to resolve those issues.  After all the government assumes that there must be some sort of mental deficiency that is causes this unhealthy behavior.  What sort of deficiency must the government have to constantly to utilize atmospheric geoengineering with aluminum and barium that accumulates in the soil and water?  Perhaps they themselves should seek some therapy?

Healthy Eating

Drinking too much coffee?  Eating too much fast food?  Too many pieces of fried chicken per week or one too many potato chips?  This part of the preventive care also has serious implications on one’s liberties.  Answering a questionnaire, recording your diet for a month and education classes that are required to help learn how to eat healthy are currently being implemented in many employer sponsored health care plans.  Right now during your annual physical evaluation that is required in order to have the lower insurance premiums for your employer, measurements of health are taken in order to ascertain your overall condition.

These measures include your blood sugar level, cholesterol screening, body-mass index and a few other basic evaluation tests.  Right now an individual who has too high of cholesterol, a body-mass index that is over 25 or blood sugar levels that are abnormally high can be educated in preventive classes, put on medications and/or exercising programs and ‘try’ to correct the problem.  Beginning in 2013, for many employer sponsored health care programs there will be an additional premium charge, just like tobacco use, for those whose numbers are not within the current thresholds.  There are already some employers who charge for additional premiums for too high of a BMI index.  Please note that these thresholds at the moment are relatively loose, but could be tightened later.  Trying to better your health in 2013 will no longer be helpful to avoid higher health premiums.  In 2013 you are expected to have corrected the problem or pay a penalty for not doing so.

Another point of consideration is member cards for grocery stores, a possible cashless society prior to 2014 (due to an economic collapse in America) and other proof or tracking that you are indeed purchasing healthy food.  In Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism movie it is pointed out that one of the goals of the elite is to track all of your food purchases.  The example given in the movie is the person who wants to order a pizza but would have to pay an outrageous amount of money, the order taker recommends that he gets some tofu food instead to significantly reduce his overall bill, of which the caller complies.  This movie having been made several years before the idea of this health care bill (with the exception of Hillary Clinton’s push) and preventive care entered the mainstream threshold adds more weight to this outlandish claim.  Certainly even a small sales tax required for all purchases on the national level would create a tracking database.  One other thing to take into consideration is that each individual with have a unique health care identification number assigned to them that will be linked to their medical information, which is turn will be linked to their bank account.  (It’s time to wake out of the slumber America, you can check the facts yourself.)

The potential for serious control over the healthy eating section of the preventive care alone should infuriate Americans and cause them to demand their Congressional representatives to remove the portions (at a minimal) of the American Affordable Care Act that clearly infringes upon each person’s rights from the law before the 2014 official start date.

Active Living

Part of preventive care includes that you have a moderate amount of exercising per week.  This, like the healthy eating, could be tracked by proving you attended the gym through your signing in at the gym.  Regardless of whether or not you choose not to exercise or do your own thing independent of an established gym or sporting game would not matter.  At the moment the tracking of this includes a monthly log that is turned into your employer (usually the human resources manager) that includes a check for each day you exercised and what type of exercise you did that day.  Is that not an infringement right there on your fourth Amendment right?  (This would go the same as a food journal.)

Probably the only plus side of this particular portion of preventive care is many employers are offering a discount through your workplace at a local gym.  So if you were to go to the gym anyway you would save some money.  However there is a more notorious possible totalitarian aspect to this.

Smart phones are very smart and becoming increasingly popular and more and more used by the general public.  As of late last year nearly 1 out of every 3 people had a smart phone (this is before the holiday sales and from my understanding these were a big selling item).  There are applications that can be installed on a user’s smart phone to track the users movements while working out.  In fact Nike has a Nike + division that integrates your running activity over your smart phone so that it records the movement of your shoes on your phones global positioning system (GPS).  This is touted as  a good thing as you are able to race your friends on Facebook even if you are in a different city/state then them.  Still these types of applications and other developed in the future with integrated interactive footwear, watches, etc. could easily pave the way for tracking your physical activity per week (aerobic) that could be proof of your participation in the active living portion of preventive care.

Many of our forefathers did not exercise but many of them got a workout just working.  Sure if you sit in front of a computer screen typing for 40 hours per week it is probably a good idea to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise, but what if your career is a logger, mail carrier or another physically active job?  Regardless, if you chose to be lazy or inactive then that should obviously be your choice.

Injury and Violence-Free Living

Here is where we take a turn in the preventive care.  Now that we have covered the basic measures that appear to be reasonable from a liberal viewpoint, we turn to ideas that are foreign or intrusive to those who hold conservative viewpoints, as well as the unsuspecting socialist agenda supporter.

Before I get into the injury and violence-free living aspect of preventive care I would like all readers to pause right here and ask themselves how the health insurance industry, the healthcare industry and the government would go about ensuring this.  After that brief pause, continue reading.

Imagine a world where there is a face recognition device in your automobile that will prevent operators who are too drowsy to drive from starting there vehicle?  Sounds like science fiction of the future?  This is one of the measures that the government has recommended to be implemented under the preventive care portion of Obamacare.  Nanny state, police state, call it what you will but this is tyrannical draconian legislation that is being thrust upon the American people without there knowledge.  While I certainly read some lists about what was in at least one version of the healthcare bill before it passed into law, I have seen very little mention of what we now know to be in the bill since its becoming law.

The American people have a duty to look into legislation that has passed, is being passed or currently being implemented.  Trying to resolve issues that come about from tyrannical legislation after the fact is a lot harder than trying to stop them before they pass.  As Americans we are to hold accountable those who represent us and vote for such legislation.  However, instead of showing our disapproval and voting someone new who would support the desires of their constituents, at least in Michigan, both senators Levin and Stabenow where reelected after voting for the healthcare bill.  So please keep this in mind as we jump into what appears to be our future under this piece of legislation.  Americans who are either educated to believe or dependent upon socialism and agree with such legislation or those who are asleep at the wheel are in the same boat.  We can look at this legislation and put the blame on those who passed it, but don’t forget to look in the mirror.  The citizens of the States in the Union are just as guilty as those who voted for this legislation.  Continuing…

One of the preventive measures under the guise of injury and violence free living is domestic violence screenings.  Whether this would just be for women or for men also remains a question.  Already when a woman has a baby in the hospital she is asked at the first opportunity that her husband is gone (not going to be politically correct here with no apologies) whether she is beaten, abused or lives in a hostile environment.  What would failure to answer the questions under the preventive care equal?  If you choose to not answer such personal questions would the nanny state automatically assume there would be a problem and send social workers and/or authorities your way?  Don’t laugh at the idea of simply opting out of this.  Remember these are enforced for the supposed good of society or general welfare for all.

Could this arm of the preventive care also affect the Second Amendment of gun owners throughout America with children or elderly in their homes?  This is a question that remains but what I do know for sure is that recently a major insurer in Michigan poses a question of gun safety and children.  The recommendations of keeping guns locked up, gun trigger locks and ammunition separate around children is laudable at best but it goes one step further.  In their magazine that promotes prevention and healthy living they ask the readers to ask gun owners how they keep their guns in their home prior to allowing their children to visit.  The advice given is that if their guns are not properly secured in the way set forth, as briefly mentioned above, then do not allow your child(ren) to visit.  When is the last time you asked your neighbor about their guns in their home?  Unless this is someone who is a very good friend or close family member  it is certainly not a topic that is considered table talk.  Imagine your neighbor asking you what type of guns you own, where you store them, where you store your ammunition and how you keep them locked up?  It is too earlier to tell where this particular piece of the puzzle will ultimately go.

Here is an excerpt from the National Prevention Strategy in regards to this prevention clause:

“Implement and strengthen policies and programs to enhance transportation safety.

Effective traffic safety policies and programs prevent motor vehicle-related injuries and death. Examples include primary seat belt laws, child safety and booster seat laws, graduated driver licensing systems for young drivers (e.g., that include restrictions on nighttime driving and carrying passengers), policies that reduce driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (e.g., alcohol ignition interlocks, sobriety checkpoints) or while drowsy or distracted (e.g., prohibitions on texting), motorcycle and bicycle helmet laws, pedestrian safety education, enhanced enforcement of speeding, and other safety regulations.”

Looking at changing legislation that has occurred within the past couple of decades, mostly in the past several years it appears that state governments have been gearing up by implementing measures of what will be the total control of society under the guise of healthcare for quite some time.  This may very well be a well thought out evil plan that has been hatched for quite sometime that will coincide with the fall of America economically and the police state that will strong arm us into obedience in the future.  Think of the recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that was signed into law by President Obama on December 31st, 2011.  Add this healthcare legislation, other socialist programs and legislation, what outcome does our future hold?

In Michigan there is now a law that children must be in booster seats until they are eight years old or a certain height.  This would have been unthinkable, and to me still is, a decade or so ago, but now it is law.  Could you imagine your parents dropping you off to elementary school and still being in a booster seat?  The recommendations put out there by some is twelve years of age, maybe it will be extended to that in the near future.  Michigan also recently enacted other laws that fit into this protocol.

We now have a anti-texting and driving law, laws that restrict licenses on the young drivers and their ability to transport others.  The only thing that we do not have that is in the above quote is a mandate to wear bicycle helmets.  Perhaps the government should provide all citizens with a bubble so that we can safely commute?  Ever wonder why so many bike paths are being put up around the country in ‘rails to trails’ programs and along state highways?  There are recommendations for this also, as well as redoing road design in order to prevention injury from motorist and pedestrians.  Just where is all of the money for these things when, at least in Michigan, we can not maintain our current road infrastructure.  Our roads are falling apart, our bridges are dangerous and no one seems to have the money to fix those things in order to prevent undue injury or death.  Think about how poor the roads are taken care of by the county or city plows in many areas during and after a snow or ice storm!  If our government can not make the roads safe during weather events perhaps they will have to shut them down while the storm is ongoing, and indeed they already are in some parts of the country.

As seen in the quote is also alcohol ignition interlocks and sobriety checkpoints.  As mentioned in a previous section this is being done underneath the guise of preventive health measures.  Unfortunately this preventive measure gets worse.

Are you old?  Do you have young children living in your home?  Well under the preventive care section the government might as well come a knocking to help ensure your home is safe.  For the elderly this will include home modifications that can be done to prevent falls for those who are independent (rich) enough to stop themselves from being dragged into a nursing home.  For children this would include that gates be installed on the top/bottom of stairways, other home safety device installed, etc.  But why stop there?

There is a call for all children’s playground to be checked for safety as well as mandated safety gear for all children’s sporting events.  In the near future don’t be surprised if your child has on what looks like a sumo-wrestling outfit and a helmet to play dodge ball, if that is not already currently banned in your school district due to violence.

Have you heard of the ‘school safety walking bus’ or the ‘safe routes to schools’ initiatives?  If not I would recommend all clearly thinking Americans to check into these measures being implemented throughout the United States.  Remember when you were a kid and you could walk or ride you bike home from school?  In the future kids that walk or bike ride to school may only be able to do so in a safety net with one parent or teacher in the front of the group and one in the rear to ensure safe arrival.  I have seen a local daycare group with children hanging onto a rope with a teacher in both the front and rear holding the ends of the rope.  Are such precautions really necessary?

There are also other numerous issues that are set to come into play in both the workplace and everyday school life for families throughout the United States, beginning in 2014.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Workplace Safety Education

• Increased Visibility (Windows facing sidewalks, etc.) to Deter Crime

• CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems) at your workplace and schools.

• Reducing Poverty (Remember the government declared war on poverty in the sixties.)

• Increasing Graduation Rates (Michigan has talked about requiring persons to stay into school until the age of 19.)

• School Based Programs (Bullying, Teen Dating Violence)  Michigan just recently passed anti-bullying legislation.  Taken to the extreme, normal children taunting, name calling, etc., can be reason to cause legal action to be taken against the perpetrator.  This is a whole different issue but it deals with the First Amendment right as well as criminalizing normal behavior.

There is one more aspect of this section of the preventive care portions of Obamacare that need to be looked at.  Quoting again from the National Prevention Strategy:

“…intimate partner violence prevention efforts; social development strategies that teach children how to handle difficult social and peer situations without violence; parent and family skill-based programs that support positive family interactions and prevent infant and early childhood exposure to trauma and violence; and youth development programs. In addition, workplace interventions (e.g., worker training, security systems, safety procedures) can reduce violence, bullying, and other negative behaviors.”

We need to take a close look at a portion of the above quote that has not been discussed earlier.  The idea of educational based training, psychological treatment and evaluation and the overall social worker system that is being set up under Obamacare.  Who has the rights to train child(ren), the state or the parents?  Who can make sure that a child is trained properly, who is that responsibility ultimately entrusted to?  Well according to the preventive measures that answer is the state.

The state will train your child(ren) using mental health therapy in the public brainwashing education system to ‘support positive family interactions’.  Did you know that there is now infant mental health programs available for free in many areas?  For those who use such programs perhaps the therapist can decipher the babblings of your infant and tell you what they are feeling and how to correct it (satire)?  What is being setup is the loss of parental rights in favor of the state ensuring that parents raise their children according to the guidelines put forth by the state for the supposed wellbeing of that child.  If this sounds outlandish please note that you are not watching a movie or reading a science fiction book.  It is time to awaken out of the walking sleep that you have been in and realize what is coming your way as fast as a bullet train, if it is even possible for the readers of this article to do so?  The government has no business in your personal home life, including how you raise your children, feed your children, educate your children, etc.

Reproductive and Sexual Health

The sad story of the preventive sections of the Obamacare law is that what we have so far learned about these measures are just the tip of the iceberg, there are even worse matters to discuss.  If you have never heard of the word eugenics or don’t know what the definition is I suggest you find out before reading this section.  This article would never be finished if I had to completely explain every single term used so that the far vast majority would be able to understand it.  While I hope that all will educate themselves so that you can prove and understand what is in Obamacare, I personally do not have time to write a book and the time we have before such things go into effect is quickly ending.  Some of the terms for readers to understand the true meaning would be the following; cognitive; evidence-based, behavior modification; outcome based education; self perception; dynamics; values clarification; moral relativism; core values.  I will begin going over this section with another quote from the National Prevention Strategy:

“ Increase use of preconception and prenatal care.

Preconception and prenatal care can reduce birth defects, low birth weight, and other preventable problems. Comprehensive preconception and prenatal care includes encouraging women to stop smoking, refrain from using alcohol and other drugs, eat a healthy diet, take folic acid supplements, maintain a healthy weight, control high blood pressure and diabetes, and reduce exposure to workplace and environmental hazards.  In addition, screening and providing services to prevent intimate partner violence and infections (e.g., HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis) help to improve the health of the mother and the baby.”

According to those like Eric Holdren who helped author Ecoscience and Planned Parenthood who tried to come up with ideas in the 1960′s to limit the amount of children born and control the population through limiting who would be allowed to have children, we might just see those evil fruits come into reality.


Eric Holdren and Ecoscience


Planned Parenthood 1969 Document



The foundation has been laid years ago and with Obamacare, in 2014, the building of eugenics will be raised.  The goal of the elite has always been a one-child policy and preventing invalids, including those who are dumb-downed, impoverished, drug and alcohol users, ignorant, and have supposed genetic DNA problems that could supposedly be passed to their children by having children.  Do not think for a minute that our health care system could not regulate who could and could not have children, how many children each man and woman could have (I will not be politically correct again with no apologies) through the government by placing implants or using other sterilizing devices, agents, with or without the knowledge or consent of those whom the procedure is being administered to.  The evidence shows that this has been the desire and the prevention care portion of Obamacare shows that there is the means to bring forth such a eugenic mindset into reality.  After all our schools teach evolution as fact, this is just the Darwinian theory of only allowing the fit to reproduce offspring.  It makes no difference that in the movie Ben Stein’s, Expelled, if those who would question Darwinism should be blocked from speaking and not have academic freedom or those who stand at the top of promoting Darwinism themselves see the idea of life having been seeded by extra terrestrials as a possibility, as ridiculous as that may seen.  This is another subject that is not the scope of this article though, continuing with more quoting from the National Prevention Strategy:

” Providing pregnant and parenting teens and women with supportive services during this time can help ensure positive outcomes for both moms and children, such as graduation rates and parenting skills. These supports can include services needed to help these teens and women complete school, access health care services, child care, and other critical support services. It can also include efforts to combat violence against women.”

In reading the following please note the above quote includes ‘and women’.  What type of support services will be necessary and critical for mothers?  Will these be mandated under the preventive section of the American Affordable Care Act?  I would bet on it.  What type of parenting skills will be taught?  Exactly what type of child care will be provided and what type of health care will these women have to access?  Will this include immunizations (more on this a bit later), scannings, genetic testing to rid women of children that are not desirable to the state, social support services that ensure parents are raising their young in a government approved measure, using government approved supplements, tools, etc?  This is certainly how this section reads.  Quoting further from the same source:

” Provide effective sexual health education, especially for adolescents.

Medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, and evidence-based sexual health education provides people with the skills and resources to help make informed and responsible decisions. In adolescents, this decision making may delay initiation of sexual behavior; in adults, including seniors, it may encourage safe sex even if pregnancy is no longer a concern. Effective sexual health education, mentoring programs, and other evidence-based activities can reduce risks associated with unintended pregnancy or HIV and other STIs and increase communication, decision-making, and healthy relationship skills needed to foster relationships free of sexual violence. Parental and caregiver monitoring, support, and effective communication with their children about sexual topics can decrease sexual risk-taking behavior among adolescents. Programs that empower parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to effectively guide their children about sexual health can effectively prevent sexual risk behavior among youth.”

Next time you have a talk with your children’s principal at school ask them about why your children’s sexual preference is included on their file.  This, of course, is not something that is known by hardly any parents but I believe we will see how the groundwork setup in the public education system to educate children to decide on their own whether or not they prefer members of the opposite sex, both or members of the same sex as sexual partners has been put into motion for some time.  If you as a parent with school age children in the public education system are not aware of this, then you had better start finding out what the government run education system is teaching your children on a daily basis.  The scope of the education system can be explained well through authors like Bev Harris, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt and Berit Kjos.

I admit to finding some sort of humor about providing education to seniors and there sexual activity.  To ask grandpa and grandma to attend an education seminar about safe sex is ridiculous.  Perhaps they can help teach the mentoring programs!  In all seriousness the government has NO BUSINESS instilling ‘sexual values’ in our children.  Taking a look at the pro sodomite, pro lesbian, make your own choice governmental values, our country, our children are in some serious trouble.  It used to be that society as a whole taught the next generation that you find a husband or wife and that is the one and only one that you choose.  We are long from those days and heading in a direction that will only further our country’s moral depravation.

Under preventive care the healthcare industry will also screen for sexually transmitted diseases and administer preventive immunizations, such as the HPV and Hep. B vaccinations.  Parents, individuals old and young, need to be given a clear definitive choice of whether or not to accept and immunization or vaccination without the fear of having to pay additional premiums that they cannot afford or do not want to pay.  There is much more to the vaccine story that I advise anyone who is not aware of the potential side effects, poisoning or slow kill mechanisms to look into, in order to make an educated decision.

Finally this section will end with abortion.  Using preventive care as an excuse the government is forcing ALL hospitals, including catholic hospitals, to provide the day after pill, birth control pills and other contraceptive devices.  Apparently Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services has decided that there are no individual freedoms when it comes to the ‘good of all’ under preventive care.


What happened to religious freedom?  Is this not one of the reasons that people immigrated to this country in the first place?  Given this type of news I think it is clear that preventive care is a VERY serious portion of the Obamacare law.  If the government can force health care providers to give out pills that cause the murder of an innocent soul against their direct beliefs then it would only seem logical that this passed legislation will indeed overrule all of our personal liberties, freedoms and replace it with a draconian form of government under totalitarian rule.

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

This is the final section of the seven preventive sections that will be introduced by the government in Obamacare.  Yet this section is just as dangerous as some of these other sections when it pertains to the liberty and freedoms of all Americans.  Jumping right into it I will begin by quoting from the National Prevention Strategy again:

“Mental and emotional well-being is essential to overall health.

Positive mental health allows people to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Early childhood experiences have lasting, measurable consequences later in life; therefore, fostering emotional well-being from the earliest stages of life helps build a foundation for overall health and well-being. Anxiety, mood (e.g., depression) and impulse control disorders are associated with a higher probability of risk behaviors (e.g., tobacco, alcohol and other drug use, risky sexual behavior), intimate partner and family violence, many other chronic and acute conditions (e.g., obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV/STIs), and premature death.”

The term ‘positive mental health’ is a VERY dangerous one to be held as a power over the American people through this healthcare law.  Using such terminology in regards to preventive care is not only dangerous but it is the ultimate in suppressing individual thought and creates an Orwellian situation.  Imagine when whatever Big Brother considers to be negative thoughts and/or actions that affect the health of individuals, whether yourself or others around you, becomes an antisocial behavior that requires either your employer to threaten your job, social workers to take your kids or the health insurance industry to charge you more money, becomes a reality.  Think this isn’t possible, well you can see that mental health in the above quote is linked to practically every known condition or disease.  To further illustrate this I will once again quote from the same source:

“ Promote positive early childhood development, including positive parenting and violence-free homes.

The early years of life are crucial to a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Positive parenting practices (e.g., spending time interacting with children, communication and supportive supervision, appropriate disciplinary actions, lack of alcohol and other drug abuse in the home, and lack of violence directed to children and others) reduce the likelihood of child maltreatment and of the emergence of child behavioral problems. Family interventions (e.g., home visitation, parenting training), and comprehensive center-based early childhood development programs (e.g., Head Start) reduce the development of aggressive and antisocial behaviors in children (e.g., bullying) and their associated problems, such as substance abuse and delinquency. Such programs also improve parent-child interactions and promote healthy development and well-being in both parents and children.”

Listed in this quote are some very serious revelations.  Let’s start with discussing ‘positive parenting practices’.  One of the things listed here is ‘appropriate disciplinary actions’.  Here clearly under preventive care this is understood to mean that the government is directly going to tell you how to discipline or correct your children.  Maybe communities can just build giant day care prison camps for our children to be reared by the government, for the good of all!  Going a little bit deeper in this quote we will now turn out attention to ‘family interventions’.

Not only will the government train you how to raise your child but they will have home visits to ensure that your house is a fit, violence-free, lovely home that follows all of the proper procedures for raising your children, according to the government through Obamacare.  I can assure you that in these matters that involve children it will not be additional premiums  to be paid to your health insurance company but will instead involve the state social workers that are rather the enforcement arm of the federal and state government.  This is serious business, your rights to do what ALL parents have done since the beginning of the founding of the country (since God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden) will be eroded.  I can not stress the importance enough of understanding what is around the corner, beginning in 2014.

For those who do not have preschool or elementary school age children let me make you aware about home visits.  Back when you went to school or likely when your children where in school there were no such things as home visits.  Now it is perfectly acceptable for you preschool or elementary school teacher to visit once per semester.  In fact schools require that there are home visits, given the opportunity for the teacher to have a face to face discussion with the parents and children.  Once again here is what appears to be some conditioning on the part of those who are running this theater show that we are living in.  If this wasn’t crept up slowly it would cause a very large shock in the general public and then likely would turn into a large controversy with parents refusing home visits.  I’ll close out discussing about home visits with this quote from the same source:

Educate parents on normal child development and conduct early childhood interventions to enhance mental and emotional well-being and provide support (e.g., home visits for pregnant women and new parents.)”

There is also the problem with preventive care in the healthcare industry working with Faith Based Initiatives (churches).  Is your pastor also going to be part of the team looking out for mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, amongst other things?  Unfortunately the answer is affirmative.  Already this past flu shot season (I’d rather call it that then the flu season) there were some churches here and there across the United States where pastors were telling their congregations to go and get a flu shot.


If you made it this far in the article I am sure that you can see that there is no end to the tyranny that can come out of Obamacare.  I will make a few finishing points with the mental and emotional wellbeing section of this article and then move on.

• Mental health needs will need to be ‘identified as early as possible’ which means infant mental health screenings will become a reality.

•  This will not just be left alone to the school system or those who are parents.  Identifying stress and conditions at work is key to the prevention section of Obamacare.

Miscellaneous Preventive Care

There are other aspects of preventive care that need to be briefly discussed, though I am not exactly sure under which of the seven arms of the governmental control that they fit under, so I will just briefly discuss these.


On many occasions in employer health insurance literature I have seen promotion for doing yoga at least one hour per week.  The exhortation is given from these articles or employer literature that recommend clearly your mind at least once per week while doing meditation.  Also under the same sort of thing is replacing negative thoughts with positive self-talk.  This sort of thing can also be included on a monthly checklist that is turned into the human resources department or entered online for an individuals health insurance provider.

Shock Therapy

There was recently an article though a large Michigan insurer that discussed shock therapy as a means to relieving mental health problems.  In the article they tried to remove the stigmatism relating to such therapy by claiming that it is currently once again on the rise and being used with positive results.


Spirituality is listed as a preventive under certain employers healthy living plans.  Obamacare covers the body, mind and spirit under preventive care.  I wish I was joking, but it is all part of mental health and a positive mind set.  At this time I do not have any further details regarding this aspect.

Financial Responsibility

Some employers are mandating that a financial management class be taken in order to meet a certain number of objectives as set forth from employer provided health insurance.  Under Obamacare it is a preventive that more people become self sufficient.  Their argument is that poverty leads to mental illness which in turn leads to diseases and other health problems.  So in order to combat that, perhaps the government can pay your bills for you!


Same as with financial responsibility this is also one thing that is mandated in order to meet a certain amount of objectives as set forth by a health insurance provider.  Here employees are asked to clean out a closet and go through your house to donate unwanted items to the poor or to volunteer for some sort of organization.  Doesn’t genuine assistance to others come through individual choice not mandate?


There are also employers working on including intellectual as part of the health insurance reform.  Your guess is as good as mine in regards to what this exactly means.  One thing I do know for sure is that under Obamacare’s preventive care clauses they are going to ‘empower’ people by giving them the ‘facts’ and ‘education’ necessary to fulfill the dream of those running the show.  Still looking at the other known facts it might be that certain books are banned due to their negativity.  After researching this I would not dismiss that possibility.


This one was saved for last.  This is a very touchy subject with many Americans and many parents.  However, let it be known, that vaccines are included in the preventive care section of Obamacare.  There is also mention of the flu shot being included in preventive care in some of the health insurance industry’s own wellness literature.

Already the government is setting the precedent for mandated shots.  Many hospitals are now requiring there workers get the flu shot on a yearly basis.  As I mentioned above with liberal arguments, there is already talk of adding an additional half a dozen or more vaccinations for health care workers (HCW’s).  In Michigan there are a few hospital, including a local one in northern Michigan, that has mandated that you either get the shot or get another job.  The only exemptions at the moment are a medical waiver or religious waiver.  Before you assume you would just sign a religious waiver, let’s get some facts straight.

The religious waiver is signed by the deacon, pastor or other leader of an already established religious organization, proving that you are indeed a member.  An example of one religious establishment is the Jehovah Witness organization.  How many others are out there with such documented beliefs I am uncertain about.

Already there is pressure in state legislators across the country to also have similar waivers for vaccinations.  As these are pondered and eventually passed there will be no philosophical or generic religious waivers left.  At the same time Big Pharma is looking for alternatives for those who have allergies to eggs (flu shots) to still get there vaccination, just designed a bit differently.

Just like every other preventive measure being put into action it is the same argument that those who refuse some or all vaccinations hear.  That argument is that ‘everyone else is put at risk because or your irresponsibility’ or ‘you shouldn’t be able to not vaccinate your child, the state has a right to ensure the safety of all of its children’.  These are dangerous times we live in and they are about ready to get much worse.

Unanswered Questions

Here is where I am asking the readers of this article to go to nmto.org (Northern Michigan Truth Out) and email one of the members or submit a tip through the news tips section.  Your help is needed and appreciated in answering the following questions before we find out later.

Question #1

Around 75%+ percent of people are going to be subsidized in one form or another with the American Affordable Care Act.  A family of four can earn approximately $80,000 per year and still be allowed some sort of subsidy.  So for the vast majority of Americans the question is this:

If those individuals who are subsidized refuse to partake in all of the preventive care portions of the health care (remember this supposedly keeps the cost fair and low for all) will they lose their subsidy and have to pay full price?

Question #2

A good percentage of people will be under the Medicare/Medicaid portion authorized in this bill.  These low income people will not have to pay for health care at all.  In addition to that many (all?) states have programs that expand out generously for children under Medicare.  In Michigan a family of four can make into the $40 something range and still qualify to have their children under MI Child.  So for these individuals, which with MI Child are numerous, the question is this:

Will they be forced to follow the protocols set forth under the preventive clauses of the healthcare bill or else forfeit their ‘free’ insurance?  Or will they make these people pay up to 100% more (of which many could not afford) of what it would normally cost?  How will this work?

Question #3

For those who have healthcare insurance provided by their employer there is the threat of someone who is dragging down the herd (employees) by making the employer’s health insurance policy more expensive for all by unhealthy lifestyles.  At least this is the argument that is being given.  The question is this:

In these cases will an employer who pays for the health insurance of their employees be able to let go an employee who refuses to participate in all of the wellness (preventive) programs?  If not, would this still be the case if an employee refuses to have blood/urine samples taken during the annual visit from the health insurance representatives (yes, employers are doing this NOW)?  What about when an employee refuses to be involved in mental health screenings or other education health classes?  Would this not create an ‘unsafe’ work environment for others, as defined above, and open the employee up to termination of their employment?

Cost of Obamacare

The overall cost of Obamacare for those who make over the limit (around $70,000 with no kids and married) is not subsidized.  In these cases when you do have insurance and do not follow through with all of the preventive care, your cost for healthcare insurance could as much as double, assuming you buy your own policy.  What would your starting point be for cost?  Right now it appears to be on track for around $600 per month for a low deductible ($1,500), late forty something individual.  So your cost per year could be $7,200 plus an additional $3,600 for not complying.

The other point of discussion is the deductible limits.  For those who comply with all of the preventive care there deductibles may be lowered each year as a reward.  For those who don’t and also want to pay the least amount they can for insurance under the Obamacare mandate you are looking at $20,000 deductible PER YEAR for a family with a total PER YEAR out of pocket expense of $27,000.  Don’t believe me, well check your state’s big insurance companies plan pricing online.  Right now two major insurers in Michigan already have these plan in place for purchase.

What everyone who buys into the exchange will not know until later, is that the cost presented at current (which is lower than you may pay) is not telling you, what your family or individual deductible will be or what plan you will have.  My understanding is that there will be a few different options of plans available, one for the poor, one for the young and the silver, gold and platinum plan.  As of this writing that information has not been available to me for final cost presentation.


What exactly will take place under the guise of preventive care will not be fully understood until it is too late.  These are some serious scenarios, probable scenarios and possible scenarios presented in this article.  There is ample evidence to demand that We The People get the facts we need NOW and contact our representatives to overturn the American Affordable Care Act.  Why couldn’t we at least have a healthcare program like Canada’s if we are going to do it unconstitutionally anyway?

The answer to this is probable worse than most want to realize.  This is about total control of the government over it’s citizens.  Beginning in 2014 and ramping up beyond that the government will literally own your body, your thoughts and your economic conditions through this tyrannical piece of passed legislation.  It is up to you the reader to get this information out there, check the facts, and educate those who you know.  There is no one who is going to fix this for you and me, we must do it ourselves.  Don’t forget that a bunch of tea partiers were recently put into office and promised to overturn Obamacare.  They managed to get rid of the 1099 provision but couldn’t even get a bill to overturn Obamacare out of committee and unto the floor for a vote.  The American people must demand to those who represent us to truly do that…represent us.

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