What about the unanswered questions about healthcare insurance?

Healthcare is something that is important to most Americans.  The younger generation often will ignore purchasing health insurance, with the assumption that they don’t need it, usually they are correct.  However for many families and individuals throughout America, there is a growing concern regarding the future of the health care system in the United States.  All the time healthcare is in the news, as Americans watch in horror as their elected officials seem to be unable to permanently solve the problem.

Both sides of the political spectrum has opinions on how to solve the crisis, yet there is not enough support on any one side to actually seem to provide a long term solution.  What is the problem?  Namely cost.

The affordable healthcare that was touted years ago has become unaffordable.  In fact the premiums were rising, as well as the deductibles even before Obamacare passed.  Yet no one asked why.  Constantly it was simply a solution presented by political parties in the United States to restructure the health insurance, supposedly in order to keep the cost down and provide health insurance, through mandates, to everyone in the United States.  What happened?  The prices continued to skyrocket, some citizens were left with no health insurance choice -at all- in their health exchanges, as well as masses of people simply didn’t comply with the mandate.  On top of that employers reduced those who were already near poverty to even worse by reducing their hours to 28 or fewer, in order to not have to comply with the employer mandate.  Now the debate rages on in Congress on just how to fix the problem.

I’ve pondered this for quite sometime, is there really a solution?  Where would all of that money come from to provide truly affordable health care insurance to the masses, this with, let’s be realistic, deductibles that every American family can afford.  California looked into trying to pass something for their state and found that the cost would be prohibitive.  From my understanding it would have cost nearly $400 billion per year to provide health insurance to all Californians.  Ridiculous!  Yet, what about the entire county?!

Really there are questions that are not being asked about healthcare and the insurance costs associated with it, questions that really need to be put out there in the open, in a public debate.  Why does it cost so much for healthcare insurance?

Well I don’t purport to have all of the answers or statistics regarding this dilemma, but there are some serious obvious problems that the mainstream and alternative media refuse to bring up.  This of course is also widely ignored by our elected representatives, who are supposedly trying to find a solution.

How much of the cost of our health insurance is due to frivolous lawsuits or greedy plaintiffs?  How many multi-million dollar payouts against the insurance companies of the doctors or hospitals happen every year in this country?  I’ve been told by a doctor that there are more lawyers running our local hospital than doctors.  So now when people go into the hospital for whatever reason, they are often subjected to additional tests, some of which cost thousands of additional dollars, sometimes much more, to ensure that nothing is missed.  While on the surface this might seem good, though it is in most cases unnecessary.  Yet those who sue the hospitals know that a good payout is likely, oftentimes the actual damage done is not realistic to the amount of compensation received by such civil lawsuits.  In all of this is sin, lying, cheating and stealing from the corrupt system.  How much of our insurance premiums are due to this?

On the other hand hospitals will often be cheerful when people come in with good insurance.  In fact many times there is what appears to be blatantly fraudulent activities in regards to hospital ordering tests, procedures, as well as prescriptions that are questionably necessary.  For instance, I had a friend who had a severe ear ache.  He went into the emergency room.  The doctor thought it could be brain cancer (he was very young, but it is possible).  He instantly ordered a $3,500 CAT scan (back then) and gave him a script for some ear medication.  Well the ear medication did the trick.  However, the hospital thought he still had good insurance, that they already had on file.  The problem is that insurance had expired, he had none.  Why not hand out the medication for the ear ache, then if it doesn’t go away in a week, have the patient return to see the doctor, under a non-emergency room scenario, at that point maybe undergo further testing?  The truth is, there is fraud committed by many doctors and hospitals throughout this country.  How much of our healthcare insurance costs are due to this?  These things are due to sin, fraud is theft, they are stealing.

Finally, Americans are so very sick.  As a civilized nations we rank amongst the very worse in regards to numerous health problems.  Why is our cancer rates so high?  Could it be like the Philistines of old, who tried to take the Ark of God?  Could it be because our representatives allow corporations to run things and we have a system with food additives and preservatives that are banned in much of Europe and other countries?  Could it be because sinful people elect sinful representatives who take payouts so that corporations can do their own scientific testing and come to conclusions that are actually contrary to real science?  Is it all based on lies, more sin?

Why do so many Americans have diabetes?  Why are so many Americans obese?  Does the Bible have anything to say about gluttony?  You better believe it, and you can ask any health insurance company just how much Americans and their lack of care for the bodies that God gave them racks up the insurance bills on a regular basis.  This is to say nothing about the recent fury of news reports about STD’s spreading super rapidly in this country.  Doesn’t God have standards about marriage, doesn’t He have standards that have been given to us regarding homosexuality, given the fact that much of the more serious STD’s were in that category.  He does, they are clearly laid out in the Bible for all mankind to read.  If America wants to fix its health insurance system, perhaps instead of looking towards others to figure out a way to resolve the issues of sin that cause much of the premiums to be unaffordable, America should simply repent and adhere to what our Creator says.