What is the answer to 1984? Part One

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Northern MichiganTruth Out                            April 2011 Article

Part One
What is the answer to 1984?

In a nutshell the answer to 1984 is Salvation offered only through Jesus Christ.  In the past decade since 9/11 we have seen a war on our freedom and liberties.  As I write this there is now a school in the Chicago area that bans children from bringing their own lunches from home.

This is just one of many examples of our freedoms disappearing quickly.  If it is not TSA frisking down a 6 year old girl or watching the countless mindless public exasperate the police state by willfully submitting to the naked body scanners, then it is the cameras popping up here and there in our cities.  Even in the small town of Charlevoix, Michigan, there is an ongoing effort to put up cameras owned by the city in public areas!

This article is written with the understanding that the reader is well aware of the political ramifications of the up and coming totalitarian police state being created in the USSSA (Union of Soviet Socialist States of Amerika).  America is no longer a place for individualization and ideas of freedom, liberty in a free capitalistic society.  While our nation has always had problems in regards to what true constitutional government means, overall we were free…albeit a bumpy road here and there in places throughout the country.

There are many sites out there that met out alternative news to rival the mainstream media (MSM).  A quick look in our links section will give the reader many resources to information that will shatter the idiocracy that so many sheep tend to follow.  So in order to not be redundant, Northern Michigan Truth Out, is going to write this and the next (May) article to not only show how we likely got here, but what the real solution is to the nation’s problem.  As we offer the solution, it should be mentioned, that we do not see it being accepted, propagated or even followed on a wide scale basis.  Thus it will be evident that the individual, not group, will ultimately be responsible for themselves, which is the way it always has been and should have always been.

So how did we get here and where are we going?

Let’s take a quick look at where we are going first.  There are many people who set dates of the destruction of America or the end…so far most have been wrong, though there is always someone out there with a yet future date.  Sooner or later someone will be right.  Ultimately our nation is bankrupt, the socialist programs are stretched, the economy will collapse and the new Obamacare will be in place to provide the eugenical health care programs, often called deathcare.  The general consensus of those who warn is that America will fall.  Not only will America fall but it will be turned into a fascist-type police state that includes concentration camps, etc.  We are warned that America will become a rogue-type nation where freedom is far from reality.

How did we get here?

Anyone who has studied the Holy Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament, should be well aware of what happened when Israel went after other gods.  So what happens when America who claims to be a ‘Christian’ nation is steeped in pagan idolatry and has morals that rival those of the worst in the world’s history?  Would it not be better for America to not claim the name of Christ?  I strongly believe so.

If America, who claims the name of Christ, had followed the moral standards, as laid out in the Holy Scriptures, then we would never have gotten to where we are now as a nation.  Here a few examples:

By now everyone is well aware of the housing crisis.  Not going to dwell into the current details but during the peak of the housing boom there were places that were holding lotteries so that someone would have a chance to buy an overpriced house, as a short-term investment.  Loans were easy to get and you could get a jumbo loan on a house with so-so good credit and a decent job.  People would buy these houses, pay only the interest (low rate at that) and assume that the house would be worth so much more in a couple of years that they would sell and move onto the next one, netting a huge chunk of cash in the meantime.  Well that didn’t work and it should’ve been obvious to anyone with half a brain.  Housing prices cannot continue to climb up and up with no end.  Eventually no one would be able to afford housing.

Had the nation understood the bible’s teaching on finances and followed the guidelines as set out in the Holy Scriptures, we would never have gotten into that mess.

“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the Law.”  Romans 13:8

Am I saying that a mortgage is necessarily wrong?  No, but buying a house one cannot afford is no different than using a credit card to fill your house with a bunch of things that you really don’t ‘need’.  Clearly the consensus among the nation was that housing was a good place to earn some quick cash.  For many, money was earned, but in the end there was a wild game of musical chairs and a lot of chairs went missing at once.

What about our current police state?

We have a Constitution that is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.  All other legislation is supposed to adhere to the precepts that are laid out in that document.  Anything contrary to the Constitution is null and void.  Over the course of the years our politicians have turned it into a ‘living and breathing’ document that changes with the winds of the times.  There is debate on what this means or that means…a debate of words.  For instance, in the First Amendment clearly states that ‘NO’ law shall be made.  Yet, we have ‘free speech zones’ and there is even recent legislation introduced to restrict free speech if it could cause problems for our soldiers.  Apparently Congress doesn’t understand the word ‘no’.  I will sum it up with what a good friend said in a recent email of his.  If our churches don’t follow the Holy Scriptures and debate what words mean, how can we expect Congress to follow the Constitution?  The Holy Scriptures is the Christian’s Constitution and is to be adhered to, every jot and tittle.

“For truly I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the Law till all is fulfilled.”  Matthew 5:18