Who is Ron Paul? Is Ron Paul the Only Hope for America?

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January 2012 Article

Who is Ron Paul?  Is Ron Paul the Only Hope for America?
Dr. Ron Paul is a 12 term elected congressman who has continuously won his congressional office routinely.  His message over those years has consistently been the same.  That message is the roots of what America was founded upon.  Those roots is the true ideas of personal liberty for all individuals who seek freedom within our republic.  Dr. Paul is a republican candidate for the 2012 presidential election.   Ron Paul is also a real libertarian.  Dr. Paul believes laws shouldn’t be passed if they violate any man’s direct rights founded within our United States Constitution.

Paul’s Voting Record:

Republican Representative Dr. Ron Paul has been named by many the champion of freedom.  He has never voted for laws that violate our natural rights under our U.S. Constitution.  Ron Paul has also only been able to accomplish one law being legalized by our federal government.  Bill O’Reilly, Mox News (Fox), The Unfair and Unbalanced propagated news agency reported this fact.  Bill O’Reilly Claims  Although this face is indeed true, I believe this helps Ron Paul in his authenticity of being a real man who truly seeks real change in Washington D.C.  What?  How can this be?  How can the American people vote for a man who hasn’t really accomplished anything in office?  Answer:  His moral conviction stands by the judgment of our citizens to see this voting record and hold it in the light of why this is true.  Simply put, Ron Paul will not support tyrannical legislation and will not COMPROMISE on the ideas that are indeed truly American and that is why our republicans and democratic leaders hate cold hardily this man being in office.  Paul isn’t one to sell out to the corporatist fascist neo-con leaders who criminally pass laws that are blatantly a violation of the ‘Supreme Law’ of the land, the United States Constitution.

Ron Paul’s Overall Record:

#1. Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes.

#2. Ron Paul has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

#3. Ron Paul has never voted to raise congressional pay.

#4. Ron Paul has never taken a government-paid junket.

#5. Ron Paul has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

#6. Voted against regulating the internet.

#7. Will NOT participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

#8. Repeatedly been named the “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” in Congress.


#1. If every member of Congress voted like Representative Paul, Americans could enjoy much lower taxes and less waste in government.”  — John Berthoud, President, National Taxpayers Union.

#2. “Ron Paul has been a leader in the fight to defend and restore the 2nd Amendment.”  — Larry Pratt, Exec. Director, Gun Owners of America.

#3. Pro-Lifers should support Ron Paul for President.” — Rep. Barbara Hagan, former Chair, New Hampshire Right To Life Committee

Paul’s Views on Foreign Policies:

Rep. Ron Paul also believes that the United States shouldn’t have 900 U.S. bases around the world and growing.  He believes in pulling out of NAFTA, CAFTA, NAY, WTO, ICC, GATT, and the United Nations.  He believes that the president should not have the authorization to declare war without the direct approval of the Congress by passing a Deceleration of War.  This constitutional approach would eliminate the policing of the world and would help stop the no-win police actions of interfering with nations like Iraq and possibly Iran.

Dr. Paul believes all nations have the right to sovereignty and Americanism ideas shouldn’t be forced upon the populace of neighboring countries.  He believes that our Empire will lead to bankruptcy due to this approach.  Paul also believes we shouldn’t be building other nations and prepping puppet governments who we help establish.  Iraq is indeed a true example of our failing approach to understanding this problem.  We the American government put Saddam Hussein in power and in its end we removed this man by a undeclared deceleration of war during the King George Bush term.  The 12 term congressman also believes in the abolishing “birthright” citizenship for illegal aliens and supports real immigration reform.

Civil Liberties:

Dr. Paul believes laws likes the Patriot Act must be abolished and will not support a national I.D. card which violates the direct understanding of State sovereignty within our Union under the tenth amendment.  He will not support bills such as the Hate Crime legislation passed under the Obama administration, which is in direct violation of our 1st Amendment right to FREE SPEECH and Religion.  Dr. Ron also believes that groups of entities should not receive special rights outside of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  This idea is truly American and truly supports the ideas of individual liberties for all men and women who seek a free society.  Dr. Paul seems to be truly a man who believes in the founding fathers principles that formed this nation into a great society that supports real free market capitalism and the rights of all minorities to practice their unpopular religion and speech without fear of censorship from our government.


Ron Paul believes in a fair taxation and believes all forceful taxation is not American.  He believes direct taxes are unconstitutional and believes in the total dismantlement of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).  He believes the banking mobsters of our central banking institutions are indeed one if not the most corrupted institutions within our government.  He has worked hard in auditing the cartel of the Federal Reserves privatized non government agency who practices under the name of a “so called” government agency.  This approach has been the main front running viewpoint of Ron Paul’s entire political career.  The central banking system has indeed stolen trillions from the American people and truly owns the Federal Government.  Dr. Paul believes that if elected he could balance the budget by slashing 1 trillion dollars from our debt that is rising at an unsustainable rate with and/or without direct taxation.  While understanding that without the forced taxation upon the American people, we would need to realize that our empire must decrease in order to restore the principles of freedom from enforceable taxation.

Ron Paul a Racist?

Ron Paul has maintained a positive message that all men and women are equal under the laws of our land.  He believes all men are created equal under God and the mainstream media has routinely tried to dismantle this truth by false or misleading allegations against Dr. Paul’s so called articles of racists views which he has never condoned and supported.

Here is a Video Below of a Black Man’s Testimony of Ron Paul

Click on the link below to view the youtube video.


Ron Paul’s Morals:

Ron Paul’s morality viewpoints are always indeed constitutional regardless if they should be morally embraced within our society.  He believes that governments shouldn’t try to regulate morality.  Example:  The so called mismanaged drug wars this nation has adopted within their policies.  He believes illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and even other harsher drugs shouldn’t be outlawed by the Federal Government.  That these issues belong to the States under the Tenth Amendment which is truly constitutional to its roots of understanding constitutional law.  Although he himself recommends all individuals to not do drugs, the choice of freedom is more important then laws to regulate a person’s right to choose what they decide goes into one’s personal body.  This approach is heavily supported by the understanding that government shouldn’t have the right to regulate one’s personal body of freedom.  This personal body of freedom, all individuals should agree is your most important freedom of all liberty.  All money and property can not even closely touch a man’s personal right to his body.

This libertarian approach is truly constitutional and the federal government should not have the power to tell us what “we the citizens” decide to do with our bodily functions.  Prohibition is a primary example of what we see with the drugs today.  Congress was unsuccessful in outlawing the right of man to have alcohol, so how can they be successful in regulating morality when it relates to other forms of illegal drugs?  Answer:  It isn’t possible and this idea is flawed by its intentions from its beginnings.  This morality issue shouldn’t be governed by the branches of our governments, especially the national branches of our governed institutions.  This ideology is a failing approach towards trying to regulate human natural behavior.

Ron Paul’s Stance on the Second Amendment:

While now understanding freedom by the approach of one’s right to govern themselves regardless of each one’s own moral conviction, Ron Paul believes in the main principles of defending one’s right towards liberty.  Most Americans don’t even realize that the second amendment to our Bill of Rights was intended to restrain the government from taking the citizens over under a hijacked possible dictatorship.  The creation of the second amendment was mainly accomplished by the understanding that our citizens needed to be armed to fight against not just their common criminals or the average crook, but our elected body who strayed away from liberty.  This approach can normally only be accomplished by self defending one’s right against the government with arms when debates fail.  That is why Americans must be armed.  The Deceleration of Independence goes hand in hand with this understanding relating to our 2nd amendment issue, when it states it is the right and responsibilities to overthrow one’s government and establish a new one, ruled by the rule of law.  (Law: The Establishment of the U.S. Constitution).

A 2008 Voter of Dr. Paul:

During the 2008 election cycle I fought hard in trying to elect this man although believing this in reality was most likely a lost cause.  I believe firmly that if the controlled corporatist embedded government institutions of our media outlets gave Ron Paul a fair and balanced coverage he could not actually be defeated from the norm of our politicians we have today in our capitals.  Before the 2012 cycle within our future coming presidential debate, not enough Americans were awake to the true corruption our government is embedded in.  Although almost all Americans would agree our leaders are corrupted and are sold out to major big interest groups and many other factors, they will not whole hardily agree with the fact the corporations are running the show, I, as a patriot believe this nation is entangled in.

The corruption of the corporations with this country is indeed a major problem, and although I believe we need a deep investigation into many allegations of various corruption within our congressmen and women who are driven by our corporatist powerhouses, it is not the overwhelming problem to the real nature of what is driving our policies today.  The real truth of the matter is the driving forces of our politicians who belong to many secret cult societies that are bent on establishing a direct international central government with complete rule over all territories.  This agenda is slowly becoming a reality, and our brainwashed people are vastly accepting it with complete obedience, and the only true way to world peace and so called freedom.

This so called peace, I assure, will not maintain itself, and this so called freedom is the socialist communist fascist views of what the global society will embrace.  This society will no longer accept personal responsibilities of man to govern themselves and will beg all the various forms of this international bodies to pave the way for all basic necessities.  This socialist view will bring out the stage of a New World Order takeover.  The overwhelming people of this country will stand by and do nothing and will probably love regulated speech, controlled censored religion, forced vaccination by a compulsory mandated healthcare hijacking system, and the scary part of this reality to this truth is the people of a once true free land (The U.S.) will “SCREAM THEY LOVE IT AND WANT MORE.”  Liberals and conservatives will eventually applaud this system of our future government.

I deeply respect those who stand behind the principles of freedom and I deeply respect those who will not wavier from these truths.  Although I personally do not agree it is winnable do to my personal moral belief’s relating to Scriptural matters inside God’s Holy Word, on a passionate patriotic side towards believing in liberty, I believe this cause is worth dying for and many founding fathers would assuredly agree to this actual FACT.

To My Personal Family:

To many of my family members who I have warned routinely about many of these issues, I no longer respect them individually.  Although I might lose respect for some of these family members, this doesn’t apply to me not loving them.  For all men who choose to be silent and might consciously agree to at least some of this actually being a reality in my family, then those who take this approach are indeed cowering individuals who have NO rights to claim freedom.  They deserve the most disgusting violist tyrannical trousers fascist Hitler allegiance style of government.  They deserve to cry with empty stomachs and die to their sins of willful obedience to such a system.  I firmly believe a man who lets Hitler individuals violate their natural rights are equally as evil as the dictatorship government officials themselves.  1 + 1 = 2, that is the approach I take on this issue.  Hitler + a people who back him willingly = the same evilness as the leader himself is evil.  With this said, those willing individuals who silently bow their knees to such a Caesar style of government in my eyes commits those actual crimes as if they were the person pulling the gun on one’s own head or better yet, putting individuals in those concentration-camps.  Like the old saying goes, two wrongs do not make a right.  Thus with this understanding, just like the Nuremberg Trails, when many military officials were prosecuted, they deserved those shootings regardless of their claims to “only be following orders.” This statement is not a right to claim when outwardly committing such evil orders within those chain of commands.  This in my eyes even includes the possibility of one’s own family member being tortured or even themselves if they did not willingly obey such chains of higher tyrannical commands.  I would rather hope I personally would fear the Almighty Living God which is truly a Loving Holy Righteous God then those who bow such knees to unthinkable satanic orders from their governments.  AND YES this could become a reality in America if we don’t understand that freedom must be the #1 objective before passing any legislation into law.  No exceptions should be taken.  Any and all exceptions only will lead to a fall into immorality of its people and a rise of a new ear of government tyranny within that homeland by those who choose not to remember the cost of FREEDOM.  That cost sometimes is paid by the hands of the few who truly believe in such radical beliefs that they will pay for it with their own blood.

Ron Paul’s a Sheep in Wolves Clothing?

Some individuals online have made claims of Ron Paul not truly being the man he claims to be.  I believe that I have a responsibility to evaluate these claims.  Northern Michigan Truth Out stands behind looking into all news regardless if the news is distasteful and hard to believe for those patriots who read alternative material.  Before I begin to write any further relating to this chapter of my article, I will first state:  I think Ron Paul is most likely a true patriot in my humble belief.  Although the few peaces of evidence I will expose shows a ‘possible wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

Ron Paul Mentioning on Backing a One World Currency?

The other main writer for Northern Michigan Truth Out, Logan, learned about this disturbing fact and this credit relating to the publishing of our online article should be credited to his personal research.  At first during his research, he was in disbelief and had to retrieve the information himself.  Which after many hours he had accomplished this goal.  Thanks patriot Logan for your hard work on this information being revealed to us.

Ron Paul mentioned on the floor of Congress the possibility of maybe backing a single worldwide currency if it was backed by a gold standard.  Although I humbly believe our money should be placed back upon this standard relating to our monetary funds, this idea of backing a “world currency” is indeed distrustful and by all means personally, how is this Constitutional?  Now I am not a lawyer nor especially a constitutional attorney, but how could this even be a option?  Especially trying to claim its constitutionality to our people?  This belief is also relating to biblical prophecy.  World government and world currency must play in this debate when finally forming the New World Government if one truly believes in the Holy Scriptures.  To those who do not believe, then this would only be a moral issue at hand when relating to such a new formation of currency.  I would also assume this would destroy some of our sovereignty when relating to our financial stability within our own republic.  This idea was published by Dr. Paul on his own congressional website until his own campaign decided to scrub the article.  This question should now be asked, ‘Why Dr. Paul would you scrub the article?’  You have been honest on everything up until this point???  I personally do not like political correctness, and if that is why Dr. Paul removed the material, he should be held accountable for his actions.

PDF Documents on World Currency (Ron Paul Congressional Speech)

PDF Documents on World Currency (Ron Paul Congressional Speech)

Ron Paul Speech Page 1

Ron Paul Speech Page 2

Ron Paul Video on a World Currency

Click on the link below to view to youtube video.


In today’s era, where we have the U.S. dollar and the Euro in free fall, in fact, all major monetary currencies heavily manipulated and over-leveraged… we have the real possibility that the call for a one-world currency, which is growing stronger every year, could in fact become and actuality.  In fact never before in the history of the United States has there been a time where it is ripe for such a policy to be implemented.  This as Dr. Paul could be elected the next President.

So, if indeed, Dr. Paul was elected the next President, would he implement this?  Not only does he hold this unconstitutional idea, but it could become a ‘politically’ correct one at that.  In my opinion this is a very dangerous idea, possible policy, for anyone to hold to.  Considering this is precious why we must be watchful.  While Dr. Paul’s voting record is excellent, we must be watchful.

Ending Conclusion:

Ron Paul seems to be overall a highly educated man and his voting record is not like any others in our U.S. Congress today when it stands on to the constitutionality of acceptance within our supreme law.  I would love to meet this man and personally give him credit for all his hard work in fighting for key principles.  Freedom, freedom, freedom is the only message he preaches to this nation relating to how our government should run its daily functions within its various institutions.  Although I on Christian morality do not agree with many views with Doctor Paul, I can at least respect his position in Congress relating to the ideological views of personal liberties.  The corporatist media, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and all of the other major journalist news papers and televised showings are nothing but 95% controlled sponsored media outlets that are secretively in agreement with our Big Brother Government, that is trying to rape our personal freedoms away from this once great land of freedom and justice for all Americans.  Real debate stopped years ago and the central banking international cartel entities truly own this government.  We have became a nation seized under tyranny and yet they have conditioned us to believe we are FREE.  Even highly intelligent individuals within our society can not always seem to be able to breakout from this matrix.

A deep loving family member of mine is one of them.  The I.Q. of this particular family member is so high I could only wish I had even 10% his I.Q. level.  Although at the same-time he, himself, can not truly understand how this government is operated.  But even a autistic individual, who I am acquainted with, understands more about the reality of our true conspiracies within this country then a man who has or almost has the intelligence of a Albert Einstein.  Thus I can respect this autistic person more then a highly propagated educated individual when relating to the understanding of how our politics in this country actually works and what the true agenda is really about.  That agenda is nothing new under the sun…A New World Order, global domination by means of national socialism and the dismantlement of where the origins of individuals RIGHTS come from.  Those rights can only come from the Creator and should not be defined by man’s institutions and that is what the principles of our Bill of Rights overall were written upon that simple belief.

Lastly, to also not forget to mention one more family member of mine who is in disagreement with me on these so called conspiratorial views I deeply hold on to…..Quote from family member: “I am happy I live in this country where I do not fear the prosecution for my religious beliefs, like many other countries, where radical religious individuals/governments will kill people who do reject the name of Christ, I know if God put me in a country like that, I would save my own life and denounced Him.”

My Comment: Well the trains are coming and this is somewhat already becoming reality in this country.  Prepare to meet Thy Living God.

“But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”  (Matthew 10:33).  KJV

Just One Example of this Reality: